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The Non-Existent Gas Station in Sucuraj

By Ivana 13 September 2015
An interesting article in Slobodna Dalmacija today about the non-existent gas station in Sućuraj. The article is calling it a shame, having to drive 55 km in one direction to the closest gas station in Jelsa, or having to use the ferry to Drvenik to get gas from the mainland. As the situation calls for it (and there will always be people who would do such thing), if a tourist in Sućuraj runs out of gas, he will be able to buy some for the price of 30 kn per litre..
gas station
(photo: Slobodna Dalmacija / Mirko Crnčević)
Remains me of a story my brother shared this summer, when he was visiting with his business partner. After an enjoyable day in Hvar town, they picked up 2 female hitch-hikers on the way back, who needed a ride to Sućuraj. The plan was to take them to Jelsa, where they would try their luck at the road again.
Getting into what must have been a great conversation, thinking about all the possible dangers of hitch-hiking and wanting to make a good deed as he was able to, the driver (first time visitor to the island) decided to take them all the way to Sucuraj, becuase ´How far could that be from Jelsa? 55 km? Piece of cake!! We will be back in an hour..´, he thought.

Well, we laughed at the dinner table as they got back from their Jelsa-Hvar-Sucuraj-Jelsa day in the evening, being thankful they had enough gas in their tank after I told them, there is no gas station in Sucuraj..