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Always Make the Most Out of Summer: Wakeboarding on Hvar

By paul 30 July 2015

It is always interesting to me to see how Hvar businesses promote themselves, and my new favourite slogan is from a young man named Mario who knows how to live life. His slogan on his website?

Always make the most out of the summer.

What an excellent concept! Having seen Mario in Austria on the way to snowboard in Tyrol, I can confirm that he also knows how to get the most out of winter, and Mario represents (for me at least) the next generation of Hvar tourism, young and passionate entrepreneurs with an eye for innovation and customr service, which keeping an eye out on what is happening outside of Croatia. 

Mario is the man who has bought flyboarding to Hvar, as we recently posted, and he is also the wakeboard master. His office is nothing special to look at - just the other side of Hula Hula - although the view is exceptional, but the services offered by Mario Rent are exceptional, innovative and come with a high level of customer service. A great little team with plenty on offer - check out the website here and check out the wakeboarding video of Hvar below (not Mario's company). 

And don't forget - always make the most out of the summer.