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Hvar Restaurants Open All Year: Mizarola

By paul 15 October 2013

While many of the restaurants close for the winter on the island, the there are still some great places to eat all year. 

Where is the heartbeat of Hvar Town?

In the cafes perhaps, but when one is looking for a place to eat, which attracts people from all walks of life - locals, tourists and even Croatian war heroes - there can be few which are better than Mizarola on the main square.

Twelve months a year.

Most restaurants on the island exist for the summer months, making their money from the seasonal tourism, but Hvar is a living island with more than 10,000 permanent inhabitants, some of whom do like to dine out on occasion. Several restaurants open at the weekend over the winter, and there are relatively few which are open daily. 

One of the best is Mizarola, supremely located in the heart of the pjaca. Apart from having probably the jolliest host in Marino, whose welcoming smile has enticed numerous passers-by into the establishment, it is one of the few eateries in the town which is a magnet to both locals and tourists alike, and if you are looking for a bite to eat while observing local life, especially in winter, head inside where there are several tables which are usually filled with locals in earnest debate about the issues of the day.  

It is one of the best value restaurants in the town, as we wrote earlier this year (Restaurants on a Budget in Hvar Town 5 Great Options), and one of the things to look out for are the daily specials which are not on the menu - hearty dishes at affordable prices prepared for local workers and the like.

I sent some friends there for lunch last summer, as they were looking for a nicely-located place on a budget. Marino was totally packed with a large group of Chinese, but asked them to wait with a drink, then found them a table and served them an excellent meal with his legendary friendly service, which made it the highlight of their trip. It is that kind of place, and if you happen to be in Hvar Town on a cold blustery day in December and spirits are low, just enter the doors of Mizarola for a mood change.