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Hvar Wedding Anniversaries: How To Seriously Impress Your Woman

By paul 19 August 2013

Looking to treat your loved one to something extra special on Hvar? Talk to us... 

I won't tell your wife if you don't tell mine...

The Total Hvar inbox is an eclectic mix. Some requests for information are absurd, many lazy, but some very intriguing. Possibly the most satisfying request - successfully implemented by young Vivian and team - was for help to bury the ashes of a British mother next to her husband who had died on holiday on Hvar thirty years ago - read about it here.  

We received the following request recently:

I am writing you to inquire about your helicopter transfer services I read about online.  I am trying to get a price quote for a transfer I would like to do for my wife for our upcoming wedding anniversary.  We are traveling from the United States and will be staying in the Split for the night of our anniversary.  Below is a basic idea of what I am looking for:

Date:  August 16th
# of Passengers:  2 (My wife, myself)
# of Luggage:  0


5:00pm  -  Helicopter from Split to Pelegrin Peninsula
                Taxi to Hvar Town (restaurant for dinner)

7:30pm  -  Taxi back to Helicopter
                 Helicoptor from Pelegrim Peninsula to Split

**  Times are approximate just to give you an idea.  Not sure what times are recommended for availability, sunset issues coming back, etc. 

If you have the money to spend and want something really special, why not have a special table for two in total isolation organised by boutique tour specialists Hvar Tours? I put them in touch, swapped the heli for a plane, and all was ready. 

Due to the need to get back to Split, the dinner was not at sunset as advertised, but there was little wrong with the setting earlier in the evening.  The suggested menu:

Sunset Romantic Dinner menu:


Prunes pâté

First course

Shellfish & Prunes & Shrimp cocktail - in wine souse called ''buzzara''

Main course

Lobster, preapred as you like it, with pasta, salad
‘’brudet’’ (onion, tomato, white vine fish stew)
Grilled fish
‘’gregada’’ (onion, potato, parsley, white quality fish stew) which is prepared over an open fire in a large pot).


‘’Rozata’’ - traditional Dalmatian creme caramel


Duboković Medvid - Hvar's most coveted wine

One fine romantic meal to the good, it was time to say goodbye to Hvar to continue the anniversary in Split. Time on Hvar - under 4 hours. Fun expererienced - lots! 

If you are looking for something special on Hvar, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.