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Where is the Largest Island Vineyard in the Mediterranean?

By paul 6 March 2012

Just when you thought you knew everything about Hvar, along comes the largest island vineyard in the Mediterranean, 4.5km long.  How did I miss that?!? 

Just when I thought the island had no more secrets from me, along comes a rather large one - 4.5km long in fact. How many of you knew that Hvar has the largest single vineyard on all of the islands in the Mediterranean?

I heard about the Plancic vineyard in eastern Hvar, on top of the hill near the village of Poljica, about a month ago, but it was only today that I found out more details on my visit to the winery, where I was treated to a rather nice glass of Plavac Mali Grand Cru. Very nice...

Largest island vineyard in the Mediterranean

We will be writing a lot more about this project, as there are so many different aspects to it which are of interest, but the vineyard is no less than 261 hectares in size, and measures 7-800m by 4.5km. It has the potential to produce about 2 million bottles of quality, organic wine a year.

Plancic vineyard on eastern Hvar

So far, about 25 hectares - or 10% - is under cultivation after extensive work preparing the land for planting, which involved a lot of stone crushing. Preparing the land for planting was about twice as expensive as usual. The picture below gives an indication of the amount of work which has already gone into the project. Some fairly large boulders were reduced to size.

Clearing the Plancic vineyard on Hvar

The project is looking for serious investors to develop the vineyard into a large-scale quality producer of Hvar's indigenous grape varieties, including Plavac Mali and Bogdanusa. We will be posting a little more details on the investment offer and vineyard potential in due course, but for now, a gentle reminder that when you think you know everything... 

Plancic vineyard on eastern Hvar from the air