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A Makeover for Jelsa's Main Square and the Total Hvar Office

By 10 February 2018

I sit there every day for 13 years and nothing happens. No sooner do I move that they start to upgrade The Office.

The Great Jelsa Makeover continues and has now reached the main square. Many thanks to Vivian Grisogono for keeping us updated on progress. Here is how Cafe Splendid, aka Total Hvar HQ, looked a few days ago. Stripped back to glorious Dalmatian stone, but not for long, it seems, as the building will be freshly rendered in time for the season. 


All change in sunny Pitve too, where the old school is currently being renovated after the devastating fire a few years ago. From memory, it will open as a wine museum on completion. 


Lots of glorious stone, but the new version of the building will be rendered on the outside for the first time. 


Here is a look at the view of the old school back in the 1930s. 

I am not sure I wil recognise Jelsa when we get there for Easter.

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