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Hikers of Hvar: Meet the Island Like Never Before with Hvar Mountaineering Club this Weekend

By 17 October 2017

Who’s up for a Hvar hike this weekend?

This one is for all of you, adventurous islanders.

The Hvar Mountaineering Society invites hikers, lovers of nature, and anyone interested in a day outside to join on their latest adventure titled “Indijanca”. The event will be held as part of the action “Let’s meet the island of Hvar”.

Hikers will depart from Dolac at 9 am on Sunday, October 22, 2017. 

The starting point of the hike will begin from Vrisnik on the upper side of the village, near the bus station about 9:30.

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The route of the hike will continue from Vrisnik to Indijanca, Gvozd (544 m), the valley of Zagvozd, a snack, then follows on hollow rocks, a western serpentine downhill, and back to Vrisnik. The hike in total is approximately 11 kilometers and hikers are expected to return around 16:00. 

All participants are required to obtain ID for validation issued with this year's stamps. 

And, as expected, bringing water with you is a requirement!

Now, for the nitty, gritty details.

Want to bring your children? They are welcome, but bringing your youngest is not recommended. Some parts of the route are quite demanding, and if you do decide to bring your kids, they must be accompanied by you, the parent, at all times! 

And if you have a dog as a child? Yes, they are allowed as well. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and it is recommended to leave aggressive dogs at home. 

While you do not have to RSVP for the event, if you do have any additional questions, please contact the group via Facebook, e-mail or mob. 098 475 797

The trip will be rescheduled if the weather does not cooperate this weekend.