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Human Table Football in Jelsa, Vunetovo Craft Beer: UK Show 'Coach Trip' Visits Hvar

By 13 August 2017

I am not quite sure what to say about this one, so I wlil just leave it out there. 

A British TV reality show, Coach Trip, visited the island earlier this summer. Never having watched, or even heard of, the show, I was intrigued when they contacted us to try and arrange a language lesson with that linguistic colossus, Professor Frank John Dubokovich, Guardian of the Hvar dialects. They were not apparently filming in Jelsa, so The Professor dutifully trotted off to Zaostrog on the mainland to impart his linguistic genius, then returned home with a gift of a Barbie doll - yes really, you can read about it here

It appears that they were in Jelsa after all, playing human table football at the excellent Adventure Park Jelsa, as well as sampling the equally excellent brews of Vuntetovo, the first island brewery on a Dalmatian island. You can see the whole episode below. As for The Professor's moment in front of his adoring British audience, I would guess it would be next week. 

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