Island News

A New Mayor for Stari Grad

By 18 June 2017

Interesting times on Hvar for island politics. 

The recent local elections for the four island mayors produced two clear winners in the first round for incumbent mayors of Sucuraj (with a narrow margin of 2%) and a whopping vote of approval for Jelsa's mayor, who won 57% of the vote in the first round, far ahead of the 29% of his closest rival. 

In Hvar Town, things went to the second round, where independent Riki Novak emerged victorious, winning in the second round against the sitting mayor, and immediately inherited a portfolio dominated by British tabloid reporting of the party culture dominating the town. 

Meanwhile in Stari Grad...

The only location in the country where the election was tied - 721 versus 721 - the two candidates, HDZ's Mihaela Petric and independent Antonio Skarpa went for a third round today. And with a much higher turnout, around 70%, there was a clear winner, with Skarpa winning the election by 17 voted, 863 to 846. 

Two independent mayors have thus replaced one each from the main parties, SDP and HDZ.