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Jelsa, Almost Ready for the Season

In among the 200 or so emails that grace the Total Inbox each day was this one:


Do you think Jelsa would be good for a family with two you kids ?

I've been to Hvar city before, and that seems a wee bit busy for my liking.

I'm a huge fan of Bol on Brač but I would like to go somewhere different this year.

Is all the construction work at Jelsa finished now ?

Great site by the way. 


It is no secret that Jelsa has been probably the largest construction site in Croatia for the size of town that it is, and the presence and noise of diggers has been a constant theme as the town underwent a major infrastructure overhaul. When I was back for Easter, I was hoping that things would be almost finished, and was initially a little disappointed, until I went for a walk around and saw much which was close to completion. You can check out that photo essay here

In an interview with Total Hvar, Jelsa Mayor Niksa Peronja said that all the diggers would be gone and the works finished by June 1 (read the interview here), and while I understand that works are still ongoing, it seems that things should be completed by that deadline, and certain parts are already finished, such as the new paved pier by the boat club on the left of the picture above. 

Whichever way you look at it, Jelsa does look rather nice from the angle of this photograph. 

I replied to my email, recommending he book to come to Jelsa, which he has duly done. 



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