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The Bench Gears Up for Mass Tourism in Jelsa

By 5 December 2016

Life in Jelsa in December, and is Jelsa's secret tourism weapon about to experience a boom?

Another scorcher on the riva this morning, as trademark Hvar blue sky ensured a rather warm background to the late morning cold one at the temporary office at Tarantela.

But on the way, a rather unusual site, as The Bench seemed to be expanding, perhaps to meet its recent-found fame, which has seen it attract tourists from Australia and even a live concert from a band from San Francisco. And here we are, at the beginning of December, with The Bench now boasting not one, but an impressive four benches. The island Wikipedia is now poised to dispense a record amount of wisdom.  

It was all too much for some of the town's municipal workers, who took advantage of the hospitality of the expanded features of The Bench to rest awhile in the midday sun.

Apart from its status as the Original Google, The Bench is perfectly positioned to observe the main events in town, and perhaps the expanded bench can be attributed to a little Christmas star watching. As previously reported, interest in Jelsa's Christmas decorations has been intense after last year's Jelsa Christmas star made national headlines.  

This year's replacement star (or is it a snowflake?) has caused less of a stir, but I have it on good authority after this morning's cold one that the two heroes of last year's Christmas decorations - the Heineken five pointer, and the six-pointed Star of Bethlehem, are both about to make an imminent comeback with this year's decorations. Grab some popcorn and see what happens next - there has never been a better time to be on The Bench.