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21st Century Jadrolinija: A Stunning Jelsa Catamaran Experience

By 13 November 2016

Diehard fans of the Total Hvar blog (and there are at least three...) may have noticed over the years my unhealthy obsession to all things Jadrolinija, (for better or worse - ok, worse) the national ferry carrier. 

I will confess to getting a bit carried away at times with my obsession, and genuinely never expeceted to find myself to be blogging about a guide to ferry plug sockets (and I was a bit disturbed to find out how popular that blog was...) or even the Jadronilija urinal upgrade of 2013.

Having found out that Jadroilnija has a zero tolerance policy on transporting Christmas trees at 4pm one sunny Christmas Eve, and then watching the bastards set sail when they promised to wait five minutes just before New Year, leaving my young family stranded in Split for 6 hours, it would be fair to say that I more than most people was eagerly anticipating the end of their monopoly in early 2017, so that some serious ferry could open a proper, modern service. 

But credit where credit is due... 

The catamaran to Jelsa these last few weeks has been a little different, a bigger bird, blue on the outside with some rather prominent advertising for a major credit card. What is on the inside, however, is much more intriguing, and I am blogging live from my first experience. 

 This is a PROPER catamaran. A place to store luggage.


 Features I have never seen before on Croatian catamarans, such as a kids playing area. I was beginning to be won over by the new Jadrolinija.


 Comfortable and spacious modern seating.


 With double plug sockets in every row, a blogger's dream, and the perfect recharging point for the millenial tourist. 


 There are even tables for the champagne blogger who cannot write standing up. 


And for those wanting to escape the crowds, there is even a second deck up the stairs, affording excellent views (as does the main deck downstairs - see lead photo). Jadrolinija had really changed, and when I discovered that there was even on-board WiFi, I was in heaven, convinced that I had finally found my ferry carrier of choice, a reformed Jadrolinija, responding magnificently to the impending international competition. I went to the bar to celebrate.

And then I saw it...


Bloody Ozujsko. And in small cans too...