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25 Reasons to Visit Jelsa in 2016: 14. Vela Stiniva

By 16 May 2016

Another Stiniva, this time Vela Stiniva (Vela meaning big). Let′s take a look..

To get to Vela Stiniva, you have to take the Jelsa - Sućuraj road and follow the sign in Zastražišće, turning left to the side road, which will take you all the way down to this beautiful bay.
vela stiniva1
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This place is guarded by high cliffs on both sides, which give Vela Stiniva a special atmosphere and make this place a great free rock-climbing spot on the island.
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The beautiful pebble beach is easily accessible, as it starts where the road ends, no stairs of other hurdles.

vela stiniva3

Renting a place is possible in Vela Stiniva, check out the offer at, but be sure to make a reservation on time, this place can fill-up pretty fast for the peak season.
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There are 2 restaurants in Vela Stiniva, where fresh fish can be found on the menu on most days, not to mention how wonderful it is to have an option for a cold drink or a coffee in this remote place. This makes Vela Stiniva a great place for a whole-day trip.
vela stiniva4

Whether for a lazy day at the beach, or an active rock-climbing adventure, Vela Stiniva invites you to discover its secrets..