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25 Reasons to Visit Jelsa in 2016. 9. Gromin Dolac

By 6 May 2016

Gromin Dolac is a true gem of crystal clear sea and wonderful beaches, definitely worth the ride through the famous Pitve-Zavala tunnel and the rough track from Zavala (turn left in Zavala at the new church).

gromin dolac7

(photo: Jelsa Tourist Board)

According to Wikipedia, Gromin Dolac has a shape of an amphitheatre with the Obradić tower (today Machiedo) from the 17th century in the center. Stone houses, some from the 17th century were built as a stronghold against pirates.


The Obradić tower is a two storey stone tower built for defensive purposes and is one of the rare well-preserved towers from that time on the island of Hvar. South-east from Gromin Dolac, on the coast, there is the Budić house (today Radnonić), a Renaissance mansion and observatory from the mid-16th century. Above Gromin Dolac, the well known Grapčeva cave is located (accessible from the Humac).

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Nowadays, most visitors are here for the beautiful beaches. Some 15 years ago, these beaches were almost empty, as nobody knew about them. Today, Gromin Dolac has its faithful returning guests, who appreciate the unique peace of paradise.

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Can′t wait for the summer to start to make a whole-day trip to Gromin Dolac!