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Dinamo and Hajduk FIFA 22 Player Ratings Are Here!

September 22, 2021 - The Dinamo and Hajduk FIFA 22 player ratings are here ahead of the game's highly anticipated release on October 1!

The highly anticipated release of the most famous football video game in the world, FIFA 22, is almost here. The new edition also brings some novelties as far as Croatian football is concerned, reports

For the first time since FIFA 99, Croatian first division team Hajduk will be in the game. Along with Hajduk, there is Dinamo, which has been a part of the video game for several years.

The new FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, but to hold us over until then, the next most important thing for gamers has been revealed - the footballers' ratings.


The Croatian champion has a respectable number of gold cards in the video game, as many as five. In addition, Dominik Livaković has the highest score among Croatian First League players - 82, which is an improvement of 1 compared to FIFA 21.

Behind Livaković is Mislav Oršić, who remained at 77, although he deserved a higher grade according to many. He did score three goals against Tottenham and found the back of the net at the Euros this summer, and that's just part of it. 

After Oršić is Ademi, who sits right behind with 76, followed by Petković (also 76), and Ristovski with 75. Of the other players, Luka Ivanušec is 74, Josisp Mišić 72, Kévin Théophile-Catherine 73, Rasmus Lauritsen 73, and Duje Čop 67.


FIFA was a bit tougher on the Hajduk players. The Split club has only one gold card, which, as expected, went to Marko Livaja, who received a score of 75. Filip Krovinović and Hungarian national Lovrencsics could have won the gold card without any problems, but they will have to wait for the second edition or play a game to remember for an improved card; the same goes for other Hajduk and Dinamo players.

Behind Livaja is Lovre Kalinić 73, Filip Krovinović 72, Josip Vuković 71, Gergő Lovrencsics and Nikola Katić with 70, David Čolina and Dimitris Diamantakos with 69, and Duje Biuk, Jan Mlakar and Josip Elez with 68.

With 17,000 players in more than 700 teams, 90 stadiums, and over 30 leagues, FIFA 22 brings unparalleled authenticity and the most comprehensive interactive football experience. FIFA 22 is the only place where you can play in cult competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the brand new UEFA Europa Conference League, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander, CONMEBOL Libertadores and CONMEBOL Sudamericana.

Enhanced by revolutionary HyperMotion technology, i.e., the integration of advanced motion recording of 22 professional footballers in a competitive match (11 vs. 11) and machine learning (knowledge from 8.7 million frames of advanced match recordings), FIFA 22 brings an ever more realistic football experience to all players' homes.

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PHOTOS: Beautiful Locations of Active Šibenik's Sports and Recreation

September 22, 2021 – From cycling and kayaking to hiking and an epic zip line, see the fantastic natural landscape that holds active Šibenik's thrilling offer.

When temperatures ease off, the Croatian coast welcomes a whole different type of guest. Spring, Autumn and Winter is the favourite time for sports enthusiasts and fitness fans to visit. And, few places on the Mediterranean have an offer complete like active Šibenik.

Outside of the peak season, the stunning nature that surrounds Šibenik is free from the bustle of visitors. Cyclists and runners speed by unobstructed. Maybe they'll pass a couple of hikers enjoying the same trails and spectacular views?

St_Nicholas_Fortress.jpgSt Anthony's channel, St Nicholas Fortress and the cycle and walking path that reaches it via an island © Šibenik Tourist Board

In the evenings, during their rest time, active Šibenik's guests have the city's best hotels, restaurants and charming Old Town almost to themselves. They share the cafe, bar and restaurant terraces only with Šibenik residents, relaxing once more now the city is returned to them.

Key to Šibenik's year-round appeal for fitness and sport fans is the city's unique landscape. No place in Croatia has natural assets like Šibenik. It is surrounded on all sides by a remarkable and startlingly varied topography.

Firstly, between Šibenik city harbour and the open Adriatic is a long waterway – St. Anthony's Channel. It is bordered on either side by two huge stretches of wild nature. Then, at the rear of the town, elevated up from sea level and next to Barone Fortress, the area of Šubićevac. Here, the entrance to the vast Šubićevac Forest Park, much of it an untamed, natural landscape. Thirdly, the vast Krka National Park, which lies just 10 kilometres north-east of Šibenik

Active Šibenik: St Anthony's Channel

SibenikfromAnthony2.JPGSailboats and speed boats sharing St Anthony's channel © Marc Rowlands

An epic 2000 metre long waterway, St Anthony's Channel is both a gateway to the open sea and the entrance to the city for anyone sailing into Šibenik. It is 140 – 220 metres wide and is bordered on each side by near untouched Dalmatian nature. On one side, sheer cliffs for one wall of the channel. At the top, dense pine forests, walking, hiking and cycling trails. Also, the famous recreation site of Martinska.

cyclepathsib.JPGCycle paths of Šibenik © Marc Rowlands

On the opposite side of the channel, a very different layout of the land. Here, the pines are much lower and closer to the channel. Between the two, idyllic beaches - the best in Šibenik – line a pathway designated for running, walking and cycling. Those on bicycles drop down from small hills on the interior. After following the path at the side of the water, their ultimate reward is the spectacular St Nicholas' Fortress. On both sides of St Anthony's Channel you'll see incredible views of Šibenik, its harbour and the side opposite.

_MG_9430rygujtkr45.JPGCycling across a section of St Anthony's channel © Marc Rowlands

For those who prefer recreation on the water, St Anthony's Channel is perfect to explore by kayak. It's also one of the easiest ways to discover all of Šibenik's best beaches. Sticking close to the pine-sheltered coast, beautiful sailboats pass you in the centre of the channel, on their way to or from the city.

Active Šibenik: Šubićevac Forest Park

2019-07-24_1627_1.jpgView over Šibenik, with Šubićevac Forest Park at the rear of the city © Šibenik Tourist Board

To visitors, Šubićevac Forest Park is the least famous of all Šibenik's recreational areas. A huge stretch of forestland, much loved by city residents, it rises above the city near Barone Fortress. The section of forest closest to the Šubićevac is designated as a city park. Within this part, you'll find a children's playground, specially designed to be accessible to all, including children with special needs.

jusosibenik3.jpgEasily accessible section of Šubićevac Forest Park © Javna ustanova Športski objekti Šibenik

Throughout this section, designated paths for cycling and walking. Running to the southeast, a much larger area of near untouched forest. Here, a wilderness ripe for runners or hikers to explore. It's worth seeking out the tiny Church of St Michael here.

jusosibenik2.jpgPaths through forest wilderness © Javna ustanova Športski objekti Šibenik

Residents say the very best views of Šibenik come from Šubićevac Forest Park. Certainly, they are breathtaking.

jusosibenik1.jpgThe best views over the city? It's a tough one to call - Šibenik has many contenders © Javna ustanova Športski objekti Šibenik

Active Šibenik: Krka National Park

otok-visovac.jpgIsland in Krka National Park © Šibenik Tourist Board

A series of wide pools, fed by cascading waterfalls, Krka is one of Croatia’s best known and most spectacular National Parks. Famous water features like the unforgettable Skradinski Buk dominate the park's postcard images. You'll find it near the park's most southerly entrance, very close to Šibenik. But, beyond this eye-catching introduction lies a further 109 square kilometers of spectacular National Park to discover. The best way to experience it is by walking, hiking or cycling.

vidikovacgoris02jpg.jpgCountless captivating viewpoints © Krka National Park

Hiking and walking trails of Krka National Park

lozovac01jpg.jpgWalking and hiking trails © Krka National Park

The park's hiking and walking trails give you the most thrilling views of this epic landscape and its wealth of flora and fauna. At the side of the trails, educational panels detailing the plants and animals you pass.

kljucica05jpg.jpgEpic landscape © Krka National Park

There are three circular trails: Skradinski buk (1900 m), Roški Slap (1360 m) and Krka Monastery (2100 m). A walking/cycling trail also leads to Skradinski buk from the Skradin bridge (3400 m), while from Lozovac, it is possible to take a forest trail (875 m) down to the park's longest waterfall.

roskislap10jpg.jpgWalking over waterfalls © Krka National Park

The shortest trail is 300 m long and leads to Bilušića buk, while the longest trail is Stinice-Roški slap-Oziđana pećina and covers 8.5 kilometres. In total, there are 7 spectacular waterfalls to find as the river Krka descends through the park.

Cycling routes of Krka National Park

vidikovac.jpegBreathtaking views on the cycling and walking routes © Krka National Park

Bicycling through Krka National Park is a journey of endless enjoyment. If your perfect cycling route offers stunning landscapes, then this is the place for you. But, if you're curious to learn about the park's cultural and historical heritage, then cycling also helps you unlock these park secrets.

mostrokislap.jpgCycling © Krka National Park

No less than fourteen cycling routes crisscross the park. They are divided into three types:

Road route - perfect for racing bikes and dedicated cyclists

Trekking & family route - a mixture of paved roads and gravel paths, perfect for city bikes, mountain bikes, families with children and cyclists of any age and ability.

Mountain biking route – a mixture of gravel paths and unarranged forest paths, with sharp ascents and descents, designed for mountain bike enthusiasts in good physical condition and with advanced cycling skills.

tonkaijaskradin.jpegCycling above Skradin © Krka National Park

Šibenik zipline

On the northeast corner of the park, stretching across an epic canyon, one of Croatia's most thrilling ziplines. Flying from cliffs hundreds of metres above, so vast is the canyon that you can barely see the thrillseekers at the end of the first line. And, after that, there are still another two to go!

For more information and/or booking any of these activities, visit/contact Šibenik Tourist Board here

For more on great things to do in Šibenik, be sure to check Total Croatia News's dedicated pages here

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Over 7 Million Zagreb Airport Passengers by 2024, Says Ryanair Boss

September 22, 2021 - Could 7 million Zagreb Airport passengers be the reality by 2024? Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary thinks so. 

As TCN already reported yesterday, low-cost airline Ryanair will connect Zagreb with 24 destinations in 16 countries in the winter flight schedule. In December, it will introduce a third aircraft into the Zagreb base, expecting around one million passengers on all routes by next summer, announced Ryanair CEO, Michael O'Leary.

Three based A320 aircraft with a capacity of 180 seats will operate from Zagreb to Baden Baden, Basel, Brussels, Dortmund, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, London, Malaga, Malta, Malmö, Manchester, Memmingen, Milan, Naples, Oslo, Paris, Paphos, Podgorica, Rome, Sofia, and Sofia.

"Ryanair is investing in Croatia to help it recover from the tourism industry after Covid and strengthened connectivity with the rest of Europe as Ryanair continues to grow and air transport returns to pre-pandemic levels. As Ryanair takes over 55 new B737-8200 aircraft this winter, we are pleased to base three new aircraft in Zagreb, which will fly a total of 24 new routes during Ryanair's first Zagreb-based winter," he said. 

This is also Ryanair's first winter flight schedule from Zagreb, which starts at the end of October. O'Leary added that this is his first press conference and visit to Zagreb, reports Jutarnji List.

He emphasized that Zagreb is a great challenge for them and that they see great potential there, as in the whole of Croatia, already recognized in the world for its tourism. For Zagreb, he pointed out that it is currently one of the growing 'hot city break' destinations.

"People want to come to Zagreb, especially for the Christmas fair in winter, and it also has a lot of cultural and historical sights, good food and a growing number of foreign tourists. The recognizability of Croatia in football is also important, and as far as I was able to see, there are a lot of beautiful women," O'Leary added.

The Ryanair CEO believes that Zagreb deserves to have at least about 3.5 million air passengers a year because it is the capital, and he believes that in cooperation with Zagreb Airport, with which they share a vision of growth, these figures will be reached.

He reiterated Ryanair's earlier announcements that they would invest a total of $300 million in Zagreb to 'base' three aircraft by the end of this year, two of which are already in the base from July and September, thus directly creating 100 jobs and another 750 indirect ones throughout Croatia. However, he would be disappointed if they only brought the fourth plane to Zagreb next summer because they could have three to five of them there.

He also mentioned the excellent cooperation with other airports in Croatia - Zadar, Pula, and Dubrovnik, and that from next spring, they will fly to Rijeka. Still, only Zagreb will work in the winter, while other flights will be seasonal. 

O'Leary noted that Ryanair wants Croatia Airlines to be a "living and healthy" company, as they do not have the same passenger structure nor fly to the same destinations and airports.

"We care that Croatia Airlines lives, and we did not come here to destroy it, but we came to create healthy competition, and as the line to Dublin did not destroy the Polish LOT or AirLingus, neither will CA," O'Leary replied.

He is satisfied with the current business with Zagreb and Croatia. He expects continued strong demand for their flights, concluding that there is no reason why the number of total air passengers of all carriers will not increase to around 7 million in the next three years.

The airport should be handling 3.5 million passengers next year, six million in 2023, and over seven million travelers in 2024. We plan on carrying over ten million passengers in cooperation with Zagreb Airport over the next five to six years”, Mr O’Leary said.

Ryanair was expected to announce new routes to Zagreb at this press conference. However, the company instead used media attention to promote its lines from the new Zagreb base.

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Mystery Woman in Croatia: Daniela from Slovakia?

September 22 - 22:30 Many more details emerge, including interview with waiter who took her to the remote bay.

September 22 Update at 13:00 - Official Croatian Police Statement confirming the identity of the mystery woman.

September 22, 2021 - Ten days after being rescued on a remote part of Krk with no memory of who she is or how she got there, has the identity of the mystery woman in Croatia been discovered?

It is an extraordinary story which has attracted global attention but few answers, a story which still has much in need of explanation. 

As previously reported on TCN, a woman speaking English and with no memory of who she was or documents to identify her was found in a confused and weakened state with cuts to her face on a remote part of the island of Krk back on September 12. She was rescued by the Rijeka branch of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Services and transferred to hospital in Rijeka, where she is said to be in a stable condition. 


(Rijeka Croatian Mountain Rescue Service rescuing the lady)

Desptie global media coverage (including CNN, The Guardian and the Daily Mail), the woman has still to be positively identified officially. Initial suggestions that she had a Scottish accent came from a brief exchange with the woman by the wife of the fisherman who found her. Apart from that, nothing. 

After days of almost no information, there was a flurry of activity on the case in the Croatian media yesterday, as reported on TCN. Among the developments was the first possible link to Slovakia regarding the woman's identity - it would be the first of several:


The portal transmitted the testimony of Czech tourists who claim to have met her.

"I met her on Thursday, September 9, in Drvenik, near Makarska," a reader who was on vacation in Croatia with her husband told the Czech portal.

"She told us about how she travels and that she is retired, and her friends are still working. So she went on the trip alone. Because she was afraid of a 14-day quarantine upon her return to Slovakia, she turned off her phone and removed her SIM card," they added.

"She also wanted to go to Lika, which is still far from the island of Krk. She was very intelligent, she told us that she had been in England for some time, so she spoke English well," the tourist concludes.

"I can confirm that we received information about the woman from the witness. We forwarded them to the Croatian police and, if necessary, we will help in the investigation," said the spokesman of the Czech police, David Schön.

Index also reported on the Slovakian connection:

But, contrary to the information that suggested that the woman found could be British, a new one appeared according to which it could be a Slovak woman. As Index unofficially finds out, that is information that the police are seriously checking, but they are also checking several other indications.

Police are cautious because no disappearance has been reported for the woman.


An appeal for more information in yesterday's article led to two very interesting exchanges in the TCN inbox, both of which show the power of a global appeal, as well as the determination of individuals to help. While we wait for official confirmation of the woman's identity, those email exchanges are not only consistent, but provide a fascinating side story to the search for her identity. Both have been shared with the Croatian authorities. 

Nina Smidt in Los Angeles says she knew the woman well, although she has not heard from her since 2015 when she took her to Los Angeles Airport to start a new life with a friend in Ireland. She gave this statement to the police:


“I recognized the woman in the photo immediately as Daniela A (editor's note - surname supplied, but not published until official confirmation), a Slovakian woman who had worked for a company where I was the Operations Manager in Los Angeles in 2015. The company had hired her through a non profit organization that helps people transitioning out of homelessness. Daniela had been in and out of Women’s transitional housing and shelters. At the time, the company was working out of Second Space in downtown LA where owner Tyler Madsen has a long history of helping the homeless community. Daniela had told us that she wanted to go to Ireland where she had a good friend that she could stay with. Tyler generously let her move into Second Space rent free so she could save up the money to get off of Skid Row. In July  2015 she left for Ireland and that was the last we heard from her. 

"The second I saw her picture, I sent it to Tyler to confirm that it was her, which he confirmed. 

"I contacted the police in Krk right away and sent an email to the local Croatian police stations with her name, email and photos. 

"Daniela had run into hard times and bad luck. But she was a really good worker, smart and she has a wonderful heart. Tyler and I are concerned about her well being and are hopeful that now that her identity has been confirmed by the embassy, her family will be able to help find out what happened to her.“


The name Daniela was also consistent with another email I received, with one VERY determined person trying to help, also in the States. Laura Nowak provided the following information:

I found her in photos from a company called The Giving Keys in Los Angeles California. I reached out to the company and the owner and they didn’t know her name but believed she attended the event with someone they had hired through Downtowns Women’s Center in LA as well. I located who I believe is also her in some other photos from different organizations and I feel really strongly that it’s her. I haven’t been able to confirm but her name may be Danijela, possibly originally from Slovakia. It was passed along to authorities by someone else that was also looking I believe.


The photo link that Laura provided was to what looked like an office party back in 2014, a rather obscure part of the Internet in 2021. I asked her how she had found them:

I was struggling last night to figure out who to contact but I got more leads this morning. I run a group on Facebook to try helping connect lost family members, debunk catfish/scammers random things like that. I used facial recognition to ID her and then it was just a matter of following the trails and looking for the other people in photos as well and combing through instagrams until I saw someone that had a name posted. 

Dedication indeed. 

I’ve been watching for news stories that have contact info listed and have tried so many. I saw you all posted about the wallet and you were the first ones to reply to me and take me seriously. So I greatly appreciate your time!! Granted I looked last night and it was 3:45am in Croatia when I started trying to contact people. Lol. CNN had an article about it and they didn’t respond. I called my local non emergency number last night and was like “hi this will sound crazy but I think I ID’d this mystery woman and I don’t know what to do” I sat on hold for the FBI tip lines here and nothing.

Laura also provided a link to a 2008 feature story on Daniela in her native Slovakia, where her name is similar to the one given by Nina, above. The surname is slightly different, perhaps anglicised as Daniela started a new life in the States..


I should stress that the woman has not been officially identified, but these photos (down to a mole on the left cheek) look pretty convincing. If confirmed, they would solve one part of this extraordinary story. What remains to be established is how she got there, what happened to her, and why she lost her memory. 

If you have more relevant information to this story, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Croatian Media Report New Details in Case of Mystery Krk Woman

September 22 Update at 13:00 - Official Croatian Police Statement confirming the identity of the mystery woman.

Story update, 09:00 September 22 - Mystery Woman in Croatia: Daniela from Slovakia?

September 21, 2021 - New details have emerged in the case of a mystery Krk woman. An empty wallet has been found, and a local shopkeeper has revealed the woman visited her kiosk. 

Nine days after the discovery, the police failed to establish the identity of the woman on Krk who is currently in the Rijeka Hospital. 

The woman was found by members of the HGSS on Sunday, September 12, between Rudin and Čižić, and she was exhausted and dehydrated. Although so far it is only known that she speaks fluent English, in a conversation with a saleswoman at a nearby kiosk, Vecernji List learned that the woman allegedly also speaks Croatian.

A saleswoman in Krk said that when she visited her kiosk, she spoke Croatian, and she also knew how to ride the bus on lines around the island.

24 Sata reported that Czech media revealed that the could be Slovak. The portal transmitted the testimony of Czech tourists who claim to have met her.

"I met her on Thursday, September 9, in Drvenik, near Makarska," a reader who was on vacation in Croatia with her husband told the Czech portal.

"She told us about how she travels and that she is retired, and her friends are still working. So she went on the trip alone. Because she was afraid of a 14-day quarantine upon her return to Slovakia, she turned off her phone and removed her SIM card," they added.

"She also wanted to go to Lika, which is still far from the island of Krk. She was very intelligent, she told us that she had been in England for some time, so she spoke English well," the tourist concludes.

"I can confirm that we received information about the woman from the witness. We forwarded them to the Croatian police and, if necessary, we will help in the investigation," said the spokesman of the Czech police, David Schön.

Earlier today it was reported that the police found the woman's backpack on the shore quite far from where she was found.

However, the contents of the backpack did not provide investigators with the desired information about her identity. In addition to mosquito spray and some other small items that every tourist would take with them on a trip, a wallet was found in the backpack, but without documents and without money. This is an important detail because it is unusual that there is nothing in a wallet.

Police have repeatedly sent an appeal to the media for help to find anyone that recognizes the woman. International media also picked up the news.

British media have already written about the woman on several occasions, and the story was also published by CNN.

Daily Mail reporters spoke to the fisherman who first spotted the woman.

"In English, she shouted 'please help'. As it was difficult to approach the area where she was, and we were in a boat, we called the rescue service," the fisherman said.

An investigation into her identity is still ongoing.

If you have any information about the lady's identity, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will pass it on to the relevant authorities. 

For more on the incredible work of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, meet some of its heroes.

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Zagreb Stock Exchange Indices Rebound

ZAGREB, 21 Sept, 2021 - The main Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) indices rebounded on Tuesday, with the Crobex increasing by 0.31% to 1,945 points and the Crobex10 by 0.11% to 1,191 points.

Turnover at the close of the trading session was HRK 23.6 million, about 5.1 million higher than on Monday.

The highest turnover, of HRK 18.3 million, was generated by the Podravka food company, the most liquid stock in the last four days. Its price remained stable at HRK 600 per share.

No other stock passed the turnover mark of one million kuna.

A total of 36 stocks traded today, with 17 of them registering price increases, 8 recording price decreases and 11 remaining stable in price.

(€1 = HRK 7.500499)

For more about business in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Zagreb Design Week 2021: Resilience Towards All Challenges

September 21, 2021 - Zagreb Design Week 2021 in partnership with the Netherlands promises a rich program to celebrate resilience.

From Austrian architecture in the center, 20th century hard but beautiful brutalist buildings, and modern contemporary buildings from the beginning of the 2000s, Zagreb is a lovely city design-wise.

And with the new edition of Zagreb Design Week (ZGDW), there is no better place for designers and design lovers as the event started on September 21 and will continue to September 26.

„The theme of Zagreb Design Week 2021 is Resilience. The topic reflects on the specific circumstances that have marked our lives in the past two years. Pandemics, isolation, earthquakes, fear, and insecurity, have prompted us to address resilience. We want to look positively into the future, take the opportunity to change things, build better, more stable, more sustainable, greener, more humane, smarter things and systems, which will help us become more resistant to all the disturbances in the future“, says the Zagreb Design Week official website.

This year's edition is significant with several venues in Zagreb (such as the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Botanical Garden, Museum of Contemporary Art, Planet, Kvazimoda, and Buqele House of Fashion), but also in Velika Gorica too in Mediteranart venue.

Exhibitions, lectures, music programs, and parties are the motive to go. Both for learning and having a good time.

This year's edition is also special due to the Netherlands being a country partner.

„The concept of ‘Dutch Design’ has become known all over the world. It started in the 90s when the movement and brand of Dutch Design took off as a reaction to the traditional design culture of that time. Characteristics of this now iconic movement are the conceptual, experimental, and innovative approach, often with a humorous twist. Led by designers Hella Jongerius, Marcel Wanders, Jurgen Bey, and Tejo Remy, they paved the road for a more unconventional approach to design.“, ZGDW explains the importance of this year's partnership.

This year, just like before, the best designers will be rewarded in one of six categories: Textile and Fashion Design, Product Design, Social Innovation Design, Digital Communication Design, and Interaction Design, Interior Design, and finally, Graphic design.

Learn more about Zagreb on our TC page.

For more about culture in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković: Primary tobacco production has a future in Croatia

ZAGREB, 21 Sept, 2021 - Despite the big risks in the sector - shortage of labour force, age structure and health - primary tobacco production has a future in Croatia, Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković said on Tuesday at the 21st Tobacco Fields Day, held near Virovitica.

Minister Vučković said that tobacco production is valuable and that in Croatia it has its organisers, relatively secure purchase, the possibility of processing and a closed cycle to the production of almost finished products, which any country would support.

Besides income support, we will endeavour to support all investment initiatives through the rural development programme, said Vučković. She added that the government and ministry advocate retaining support at all levels in the European Union, specifying that an envelope valued at HRK 42 million is envisaged for the tobacco sector, the same as last year.

The Hrvatski Duhani company, which organised Tobacco Fields Day, has 360 producers in Podravina and Slavonia who cultivate 2,700 hectares of tobacco land.

The total annual value of buying tobacco amounts to about HRK 90 million and tobacco is one of the rare agricultural cultures with which Croatia has high competitiveness and a significant production at the EU level, given that Croatia produces about 5% of the EU's total tobacco production.

President of the management board at Hrvatski Duhani Imad Ud-Din Muhammad said that the company was one of the first to introduce sustainability in agriculture in Croatia, which has now been strengthened at the BAT Group level.

We are additionally strengthening investments in environmental protection, health and safety within the entire supply chain, he underscored.

For more about politics in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković: Mandarin is Important For Croatian Fruit Farming

ZAGREB, 21 Sept, 2021 - Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković has called on fruit and vegetable producers in the Neretva river valley of southern Croatia to form an association in order to increase their competitiveness and presence on the market, her ministry said in a press release on Tuesday.

Vučković met with fruit and vegetable purchasers in the Neretva valley on Monday to discuss wholesale purchases of mandarin oranges this year. The main topic discussed was compliance with the law prohibiting unfair trading practices in the food supply chain.

Producers and purchasers were called upon to agree details of their business relationship to make this business sustainable and ensure that neither party feels deprived of any of their rights.

Vučković noted that the mandarin is very important for the Croatian fruit-growing industry and that its entire production takes place in a relatively small part of the Neretva valley. She said that in the last two years the government had set aside HRK 26 million for mandarin growers alone.

Citing figures from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, the ministry said that 45,245 tonnes of mandarins had been produced in 2010-2020 in the area covering 1,984 hectares, with an average annual yield of 23 t/ha. Last year alone, 24.5 million kilograms of mandarin, worth €11.6 million, was exported, while 5.4 million kilograms, worth €4.3 million, was imported.

For more about politics in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Span IT Company Raises HRK 101.2 Mn Through Public Offering, Shares Listed on Zagreb Stock Exchange

ZAGREB, 21 Sept, 2021 - The Croatian IT company - Span has sold 578,200 shares at a price of HRK 175 per share though a public offering , raising close to HRK 101.2 million, it was said in Zagreb on Tuesday, when the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) and Span signed an agreement on the listing of Span's shares on the ZSE Official Market.

Span's shares were bought by more than 1,000 shareholders, and trading in them will start on 23 September.

Marked SPAN-R-A, all of the company's 1,960,000 shares were listed on the Official Market. Span is the first domestic IT company after Ericsson Nikola Tesla to have its shares listed on the ZSE.

Span CEO Nikola Dujmović said interest in the company's shares, both from qualified and small investors as well as Span employees, had been very high, with demand by far exceeding the offer. Bids could be submitted from 6 to 10 September.

Span had offered 578,200 shares or 29.5% of its stock capital, with the price ranging from HRK 160 to 175. Following registration, Span decided that the final price should be set at HRK 175 per share.

Qualified investors have acquired 55.9% of the 578,200 shares, followed by small investors, who acquired 35.6% of the offered shares.

Span employees bought 49,000 shares or 8.5%. They could each buy a maximum of 1,500 shares and small investors could buy a maximum of 19,600 shares. There was no limit for qualified investors, who bought the most shares.

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