"Baranjski Kulen" Protected as an Original Croatian Product on the EU Market

By 23 September 2015

A Croatian regional gourmet treasure achieves EU recognition. 

As of today, Baranjski kulen has been protected as an original Croatian product on the European market. The Official Journal of the European Union of 23 September 2015 published the Commission Implementing Regulation on the registration of the name "Baranjski kulen" in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications, reports Jutarnji List on September 23, 2015.

In that way, Croatia has protected another product whose name is now registered in the common EU market, in addition to previously protected prosciutto from Krk, extra virgin olive oil from Cres, the mandarin orange from Neretva region, and sauerkraut and cabbage from Ogulin.

The process of protection of Baranjski kulen started in August 2010, when the Association of the Baranja Kulen Producers submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture an application for registration of geographical indications. In July 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a decision on registration of geographical indications, which made the name "Baranjski kulen" protected in the Republic of Croatia. In February 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture sent to the European Commission a request for registration of protected geographical indications for "Baranjski kulen" at the European Union level. After the procedure at the European level, the name "Baranjski kulen" has now been entered in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications.

The protection of Baranjski kulen is based on its reputation. The production covers the area of ​​Baranja, which includes the town of Beli Manastir and municipalities Bilje, Čeminac, Darda, Draž, Jagodnjak, Kneževi Vinogradi, Petlovac and Popovac. Baranjski kulen is a fermented sausage, a product of minced pork, seasoned with red pepper, garlic and pepper, filled in a pork appendix. It is oval shaped and with solid texture, with shape determined by the appendix which is completely filled with the mixture. The weight of the finished product is at least 0.80 kg.

At the intersection, Baranjski kulen has a characteristically uniform appearance, which is achieved by always using the same grain size of 8 mm during meat grinding. It is dominated by the smell of smoke, characteristic for meat products that undergo cold smoking. The taste is slightly spicy, because of the addition of paprika, with characteristic aroma of smoked fermented meat which is complemented by garlic and pepper, explains the statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.