Baranja Kulen Presented in the European Parliament

By 3 September 2015

A gourmet delight from Baranja is presented in Brussels. 

The Baranja Kulen is a traditional top quality delicacy which for the last two years carries the label of protected geographic origin in Croatia, and is in the final stages of obtaining the same label for the entire European Union, reports Poslovni.hr on September 3, 2015.

The Baranja Kulen Association had the opportunity yesterday to present the Baranja Kulen in the European Parliament in Brussels, in cooperation with the office of Biljana Borzan, a member of the European Parliament representing Croatia.

The process for obtaining the label of protected geographical origin was launched by the Baranja Kulen Association in Beli Manastir. "We are in the final stages of the long process which will protect the Baranja Kulen throughout the EU, which will give an extra boost to all our producers. With the presentation in the European Parliament, we want to inform the widest European public not only about the quality of our product, but about our traditions as well, since the Baranja Kulen is not just a food product, but also a part of the cultural and historical heritage of Baranja", said the Association's president Miodrag Komlenić.

The original Baranja Kulen is produced according to the very strict specifications and only in Baranja, from the best pieces of pork seasoned with salt, paprika, garlic and white pepper. The ripening process takes a few months, after which it gets its distinctive look and taste.

"The sales of the products with protected geographical origin in the EU amount to 54.3 billion euros annually. I am especially pleased that the Baranja Kulen will be a part of that family. I am convinced that it will improve its sales, boost consumer confidence in its authenticity and, of course, help in the promotion of Baranja throughout the world", said Biljana Borzan.