Vegan Zagreb 2021: A Guide to the Restaurant and Shopping Options

By 16 May 2021
Vegan Zagreb: OAZA Joyful Kitchen
Vegan Zagreb: OAZA Joyful Kitchen OAZA Joyful Kitchen

May 14, 2021 – Vegan Zagreb: Your complete guide to the best vegan restaurant and shopping options in Zagreb.

Previously, it wasn't that easy to find vegetarian food in Croatia. In truth, traditional restaurants, including many on the coast, were a little slow to accommodate this lifestyle choice. But, these days, vegetarians are welcomed and recognised as a growing section of visitors to Croatia. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of homegrown vegetarians and vegans in Croatia who need to be catered for year-round. Nowhere does this better than Zagreb.

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Statistically, residents of the city of Zagreb have the healthiest diets in Croatia. And, that diet includes a lot of vegetarian meals, regardless of whether or not you're fully vegetarian. Zagreb is a completely modern, European capital city. Its range of food options is the largest in Croatia. So, naturally, that includes health food, organic produce, vegetarian meals and vegan food.

Vegan Zagreb food can now be found all across the city, with restaurants and specialty stores in neighbourhoods as well as the city center. Zagreb even has its own annual Vegetarian (and vegan) food festival, ZeGeVege Festival. Usually, it takes place in summer.

The best vegan restaurants in Zagreb

Falafel etc.


Probably the best falafel in Zagreb. Falafel etc. offer original falafel, flavoured with coriander, falafel with beetroot and falafel with sweet potato. Enjoy them in a salad or a wrap. They also have delicious homemade potato fries and sweet potato fries. If you want to read more about Falafel etc, then read our dedicated page here.

Website. Address: Andrije Žaje 60, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 2343 945. Order online from: Wolt here, or the Bolt app.



One of Vegan Zagreb's oldest and best-loved institutions, Vegehop offers daily specials based on organic, seasonal produce as well as staples like vegan moussaka, salads and desserts.

Website. Address: Vlaška ul. 79, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 4649 400. Order online from: Vegehop website.

Zrno bio bistro


Daily specials of organic, vegan food, much of it sourced from their own organic farm.

Website. Address: Medulićeva 20, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 4847 540.

Green Point


Vegan Zagreb and vegetarian fast food for those who like to eat fresh and healthy, with a range of burgers, salads, sandwiches, wraps and more.

Website. Address: Varšavska ul. 10, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 4833 667. Order online from: Wolt here, Pauza here.

Simple Green by Jelena


Vegan and raw food restaurant with a vegan and gluten-free bakery attached.

Website. Address: Zelinska 7, Martinovka 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 5561 679. Order online from: Wolt here, Pauza here, Glovo here or the Bolt app.

OAZA Joyful Kitchen


Nutritionally balanced vegan fast food restaurant offering different daily specials from Monday - Saturday.

Website. Address: Radićeva ul. 9, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 97 660 2744. Order online from: Wolt here, Pauza here, Glovo here or the Bolt app.

bio&bio cafe


Food-to-go options from the cafe outlet of this popular organic, health food store chain. Specialty coffee, fresh juices and smoothies with salads, vegan sandwiches, strudels and cakes from an organic farm.

Website. Address: Ilica 5, 10000 Zagreb. Order online from: Wolt.

Vege Fino Za Sve


Healthy vegan fast food, with sandwiches and soups a specialty. They also have a range of health foods ingredients and accompaniments on sale in the shop section.

Website. Address: Lavoslava Ružičke 48, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 98 777 577. Order from: Vege Fino Za Sve website

Barcode Mitra


Raw food and vegan food, with burgers a specialty. Reputedly, the best vegan burgers in Zagreb.

Website. Address: Zagrebačka cesta 113, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 6272 927. Order online from: Glovo here, Pauza here, Wolt here or the Bolt app.

Bistro Gluten


Photogenic cafe with cakes, coffees and craft ales, out near the Faculty of Economics.

Website. Address: Sesvetska ul. 3, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 99 815 8890.

Non-vegetarian restaurants that do great vegan food in Zagreb

While all of the following Zagreb restaurants have vegan food on their menus permanently, they still may be more used to catering for vegetarians, not vegans. Furthermore, for many of the outlets that are part of Zagreb's exciting and ever-growing international food offer, they don't necessarily view their food as specifically vegan, even though it is. For them, dishes such as hummus and falafel are made traditionally. And, those traditional recipes simply just don't contain meat or dairy. So, it might be worth letting the restaurant know in advance that they'll be catering for vegans. Certainly, it's a good idea to inform your waiter when you sit down to eat. (for instance, some Indian restaurants and some Turkish food outlets in Zagreb use ghee - clarified butter - in otherwise dairy and meat-free meals).



Arguably the most authentic Indian restaurant in Zagreb and certainly a contender for Zagreb's greatest international cuisine outlet of all. Sure, there's more for vegetarians than there is for vegans, but you definitely won't miss the meat here - these guys really know how to cook without it. If you want to read more about Namaste, then read our dedicated page here.

Website. Address: Selska cesta 217, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 01 6264 458.

Curry Bowl


The first restaurant in Croatia to offer authentic food from Sri Lanka. Notably, Sri Lankan cuisine relies much more on coconut milk than the yoghurt or milk found in some dishes from the Indian sub-continent. Therefore, it's good for vegans. Sadly, this restaurant/chain's signature dish, Kotthu, is still without a vegan option. But, they do a specialty vegan curry and the 'Deviled vegetables' vegan options. If you want to read more about Curry Bowl, then read our dedicated page here.

Website. Address: Tkalčićeva 44, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 5579 175. Order online from: Glovo here, Wolt here, Pauza here or the Bolt app.

Royal India


Because of the specific type of Indian cusine they cook, vegans might have to be a bit careful here. Royal India uses milk in some of their specialty breads, and cheese in their vegetarian curry. However, their vegetable biryani is fully vegan. If you want to read more about Royal India, then read our dedicated page here.

Website. Address: Tkalčićeva 26, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 4680 965. 

Koykan World Food

reeePXL_090316_12715922.jpgVegan Zagreb: Koykan World Foods © Dalibor Urukalovic/PIXSELL.

With three outlets in Zagreb, Koykan specialise in fresh, healthy food. While not vegetarian, they do make a particular effort towards vegetarian and vegan customers. In fact, the fully vegan options on their menu actually outnumber their vegetarian options. Namely, salads, wraps, kebabs, falafel.

Website. Address: 3 outlets in Zagreb - Arena Center, Gajeva, Tkalčićeva. Order online from: on Wolt, you can order online from all 3 outlets, check here. On Glovo here, on Pauza here or the Bolt app.



The hot, sour and sweet flavours of authentic, low-fat Thai cuisine at this daytime take away. Generally, Thai cooking uses coconut milk instead of dairy milk. Furthermore, every item on Saralee's menu has a vegetable or tofu version. It includes popular salads, soups, rice and noodle dishes. If you want to learn more about the chefs who run Saralee's, then read about their previous venture here.

Website. Address: Trg Drage Iblera 10, 10000 Zagreb.

Layali Lebanese restaurant


Authentic Middle East food, with lots of delicious vegan options like falafel, hummus, muhamara or fatoush. If you want to read more about Layali Lebanese, then visit our dedicated page here.

Website. Address: Tkalčićeva 59, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 99 746 1646. Order online from: Wolt here.

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant


Lots of vegan options from this Lebanese restaurant in downtown Zagreb, including salads, falafel and dips.

Website. Address: Teslina 4, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 95 512 4001. Order online from: Wolt here.



Healthy, organic food and raw food with vegans and vegetarians especially well catered for. Salads, soups, desserts and smoothies.

Website. Address: Vlaška ul. 7, 10000 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 915 141 274.

Cafe bar Alegria


Homecooked, seasonal meals in the Zagreb neighbourhood of Vrbani. This cafe bar has a different offer each day, so it's worth checking in advance if there's a vegan option.

Website. Address: Rudeška cesta 246, 10110 Zagreb. Telephone: +385 1 4824 387.

Vegan take away Zagreb options

Almost all of the above restaurants use food delivery websites and drivers. The four main websites/apps that offer food ordering and food delivery in Zagreb are Wolt, Glovo, Pauza and Bolt. Either on their websites or apps, you can see the menus of each restaurant and fast food outlet they cover. Vegan and vegetarian options are clearly marked on each menu. 

Where to buy vegan food in Zagreb

If you prefer to prepare your vegan food yourself, there are lots of places in Zagreb where you can buy ingredients. From health food stores like bio&bio to daily markets and supermarkets, Zagreb is a city that will easy facilitate your vegan cooking and vegan meals.

Specialty shops

reeeeDSCF5864-2.jpegVegan Zagreb: Pekinška Patka © Mateo Henec.

For international cuisine condiments and ingredients, including lots for vegetarians and vegans, try Pekinška Patka international minimarket. Find them in the courtyard, just off the main street at Vlaška ulica 78, 10000 Zagreb.

Zagreb markets: Dolac, Kvatrić and more

reeee_MG_7752.jpegVegan Zagreb: Dolac market © Marc Rowlands.

Zagreb has several daily markets where you can buy fresh, seasonal produce, including every fruit and vegetable that grows in Croatia, plus some imported. Also, you can buy homemade vegan produce like honey, tomato passata and condiments like ajvar (it's a dip made from peppers and aubergine). If you're going to visit one of Zagreb's markets, like Dolac in the centre, or Tržnica Kvatrić to the east, try to go before midday.


reeee_MG_9096.jpgVegan Zagreb: Alternative food section in a larger Interspar outlet in central Zagreb © Marc Rowlands.

Every large supermarket in Zagreb now has a section dedicated to alternative foods/health foods/organic foods/whole foods. You can find lots of ingredients to facilitate your vegan lifestyle and vegan diet, such as a range of non-dairy milks, meat substitutes and much more. Generally, the larger the supermarket, the bigger their offer of specialty foods and ingredients will be.