Kolar Wines from Suza Village Becoming the Best among Baranja Wines

By 25 July 2015

A vibrant Sauvignon or a serious Pinot Blanc, that is the question?

Suza - If in Zagorje there is 0.5 pro mil in the air, in Baranja, it must be something more! Driving along the narrow road from Tikveša over Kneževi vineyards to tears, I was thinking how this area is rich wines. It was not easy to decide which cellar to visit and which wine to taste, but the decision was made, and soon in front of me opened the world of the Kolar cellars, which hide secrets of fine wine with a patina of fertile farm machinery. And not only that. With traditional hospitality, we were greeted by Slavonian specialties - pork sausage, sausage reef, smoked neck, sausage and green hot peppers which were a particularly pleasant surprise. But, you should always go on. According to the 2001 census, Suza has 636 inhabitants and is located on the transport route Osijek - Bilje- Vardarac - Lug - Grabovac - Kneževi – Vinogradi - Suza. It has long been the area known for its vineyards, fields and quality wine. The family Kolar say that their vines and family are intertwined. And to their family farm, which has been engaged in farming, winemaking and the hospitality industry since 2004. Their wine tasting cellar has a special story and five family members Kolar, Lajos, Ilona,​ daughters Sibyl and Kinga with son-in-law Mario, who clearly enjoy their small winery with fine wines and excellent service.



The beginning was humble farming and viticulture on several acres that have ultimately proved sound and show the direction of the future family. Year after year we increased the plantations, and when our daughters became adults, together we decided to expand the activities of the hospitality and tourism. Until then, we had a wide selection of wines that we nurtured in the basement inherited from my grandfather - said Kolar stressing that the tasting room, restaurant and rooms built and arranged from the heart, and they are trying to offer their guests the very best, things that they would themselves be happy to eat and drink.


And we are managing that! The wines have brought their prizes from different competitions, but we most love it when guests themselves review the products.



And then I tried the Sauvignon. There is something mysterious in the wine, something like a magnet which keeps on asking you to drink. And one is in danger of over-exaggeration, but experienced journalists cannot fall on this hook?! Then Riesling, Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Franconia, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Cuvee suminer, Cuvee sunoir ...


It should be noted that a basement has been left in its original state, and it is about a hundred years old, with a dirt floor and wooden barrels, while the second basement has been modernized and used for the care and storage of wine. Kolar Sauvignon is one of the best Baranja wines ever. Kolar is one of the few in Baranja that produces wine from two grape varieties - Pinot Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.


And the restaurant is partly dug into the old wine cellar. Within the building there are three double rooms of the first category. On the first floor of the building staircase leads to a natural terrace which is located above the basement and a beautiful view of the village and fields. Above the terrace is also part of the new vineyards of the family Kolar which can be visited. Guests are offered traditional cuisine, cooking pot, good wine and brandy, as well as fishing. Needless to mention there is also the proximity to Kopacki Rit, ethno village Karanac , the Ilok wine road, the castle of Eugene of Savoy in Bilje, a monument in Batina ... but also the neighboring Zmajevac, also known for its wines.




Fourteen labels provide twelve varieties and two Cuvee - our pride and joj. The most common is a Riesling with sixty percent, followed by Sauvignon Blanc, and we have a blend of red wines called sunoir while the white is called sublanc. The brand of our wine Suza Baranja. It reminds us of the name, a nice glass of wine and Baranja. For years we thought about the redesign of some labels and we searched for solutions from various designers. Nothing impressed, and while my wife and her sister are not alone sat down and thought, my mind fell moved to the Hungarian costumes and thus came the idea to continue - says Mario Mijatovic from the Kolar winery, who also announced that next season they plan to start a cycling camp to enrich the tourism offer in Baranja.


From the EU we were given the option of using European funds, and these have been used on two occasions in the form of reconstruction of the vineyard planting of 2.8 hectares of new plantations. New machines were bought, including cooling and heating systems in the basement. There were other improvements, with overflow pump, filters ... It has allowed a higher level of quality, and therefore of wine.


It is a traditional winery which has not greatly attacked the market thus far, but greater penetration is planned. The essential is the quality of their wines, especially their sweet Sauvignon, which is their most loved and cherished child. It is characterized by lightness, its varietal and elder which gives it everything and even sweetness. Five years ago they planted Green Sylvaner and it proved to be good.


A wine tasting can be enjoyed by 72 people at once and banquets are organized, as well as various lunches, dinners ... The cuisine is authentic, including fish stew, shepherd's stew, various stews and other delicacies. Our guests are already accustomed to it - highlights Mijatovic.


Each cellar is hiding its own secret, and everyone loves a secret! The Kolar family now has two cellars, and many guests remember that twenty years ago were in one of them and say - it was the basement of the White Bačija ... It is best to discover when you come to the winery Kolar because secrets are, if they have to be issued, not really spoken publicly.


Sauvignon is our "drug". We are proud of this wine and to our family lunches always drink it because it is the king of our cellar. I have two sons, both of whom join us for a glass of wine after lunch. We teach them the culture of wine since childhood - said Mijatovic inviting all who love fine wine and pleasant atmosphere to be visited by appointment at 091 5,249,351. If you forget the phone number, you can find it on the door of the winery, and we work from 0-24 hours.

And while we sipped a glass of chilled Green Sylvaner, time passed. Afternoon temperature of 38 C is not in the basement of the senses, but there was no indication that the dark.



Baranja wine roads were no longer tight and we felt divine. Behind us in the distance remained beautiful Baranja .. and the colorful labels of the Kolar winery that were the colors of the day.


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Frankovka 2013 hits the peak!


Frankovka 2013 from Kolar winery a few days ago hit the peak. Soon they will start to bottle it and release it to the market. It is a flowing wine, with cherry in it, but other fruit flavors with light alcohol. It is among the top quality wines in recent years, similar in quality to the 2007 Chardonnay.