BRLOG in Zadar, Croatia's First Women's Cooperative Craft Brewery Goes for Growth

By 22 February 2016

BRLOG the Zadar women's cooperative craft brewery launches indiegogo funding campaign

After months of hard work, and a lot of test batches brewed and distributed, BRLOG brewery in Zadar is ready for the big time. The first women's cooperative brewery in Croatia is launching an Indiegogo campaign so they can move out of their kitchen and increase capacity to be ready for the summer season. They are aiming for $8000, and a stretch goal of $12000. They have clearly hit a resonant note as in the first six hours they already hit 25% of their goal. The prizes for helping them out are generous and fun, so do not wait.

Here are their own words, so much more eloquent than anything I could write!


What do the ancient Egyptian and Andean societies have in common with us? Beer brewed by women! Since its beginnings, the process of brewing beer has been considered divinely guided, protected, and a specialty domain of women. It is only in recent times that brewing has become commercialized and a male dominated field. We are going back to the roots of the ancient art of beer making.

We are two women who brew our own beer. Not only for the taste, but for the sheer pleasure of making it.

From our brewing hobby came an idea, and from that idea - Croatia’s first cooperative craft brewery.  The brewery is located in Zadar, the city voted Best European Destination for 2016. 

What is craft beer?


Craft beer is a preservative free, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. Such a beer has higher nutritional and, most people believe, culinary value.  Most of all, craft beer is a product somebody personally stands behind, a product that can only be made when the makers show persistence, hard work, diligence, courage, and friendship. In a word - Brlog!

Blond ale. With four different hops and three malt varieties. Brewed by Maja & Ana!

Why cooperative?

A cooperative is a way to transform the talents of two women with brewing skills into an inclusive, organic group of people who can construct, program, book-keep, write business plans, and create. 

This is how we want to change the world.  Individually we are little, working together in cohesion, we are a force of varied and crafty skills.  If a group of people from Zadar can do it, the world can too.

Click to check out their video and indiegogo campaign here.