Fifth "En Primeur" Wine Tasting of Graševina, Pošip... at the Esplanade Hotel

By 12 February 2016

Fresh, Light and Drinkable Young Wines Offered to the World.

The famous Hotel Esplanade hosted the fifth En Primeur "premiere" wine tasting organized by the Graševina Croatica Association, Wines of Dalmatia, and Hilly Croatia, under the watchful eye of the Winemaking Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy on February 9, 2016. Guests and journalists were presented with the 2015 vintage – a year from which many people rightly expect great results. We had an opportunity to taste young wines produced from the two most important white grape varieties typical of the regions of Slavonia and Dalmatia – Graševina and Pošip – as well as wine varieties typical of hilly parts of Croatia. All in all, 55 winemakers were represented.

According to Igor Hruškar, a consultant of PP Orahovica and a well-known wine connoisseur, Graševina Croatica Association presented excellent Graševina. "As many as 21 wineries have been presented, which is an indicator of growth in numbers and quality. Graševina is typical for wines of Slavonia and the Danube region, and that is the reason why the presentation of this area is based on that variety", says Hruškar.

Among other varieties (30-40 percent) which were presented as young wines, there were Sauvignon, Pinot, Chardonnay and some red wine varieties like Frankovka and Pinot Noir.

"I would like to point out that the 2015 vintage has a great potential, unlike 2014 which was difficult and demanding. So far, wineries are offering 2013 vintage and have lately started offering 2015 vintage of red wines, precisely because of that difficult 2014 vintage. Now we are launching new young wines which we expect to be top-notch, well-defined, with excellent flavour, light and easily drinkable", said Vlado Krauthaker, president of Graševina Croatica Association.

Wines of Dalmatia Association presented winemakers who cultivate the Croatian variety Pošip, which is becoming more and more respected. Pošip is the leading white variety in Dalmatia which is expanding the market for other white varieties like Debit, Grk, Maraština (Rukatac), Kujundžuša, Bogdanuša...

"The 2015 vintage was a special challenge for us because we had extreme conditions in the vineyards (a lengthy period of drought interrupted by a rain period). I believe we have managed to solve the problem with right timing for the harvest and modern technology in our cellars. Therefore, we expect that Pošip 2015, which will soon come to the market, will be a top quality wine with characteristic aroma, excellent freshness and delicious texture. From other Dalmatian white varieties we also expect typical characteristics and good fruitiness and freshness", said Marko Šuman, president of the Enology Board of the Wines of Dalmatia Association.

Dalmatian Pošip wines were represented by: Vinarija Birin, Suha Punta, Grgić Vina, Korta Katarina, Jako Vino, Mokalo, Vinarija Grabovac – Provin, PZ "Maslina i Vino", Rizman and PZ Kuna 1898.

Hilly Croatia was represented by 24 wineries from the areas of ​​Moslavina, Prigorje-Bilogora, Zagorje-Međimurje and Plešivica. The region is characterized by great diversity of varieties, so in addition to Graševina, other varieties were also offered: Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon, Pinot, Rizvanac and others.

"Certain sub-regions have presented wines from varieties which are protected in their areas, like Kraljevina in Zelina, Pušipela in Međimurje and Škrleta in Moslavina. The wines of 2015 vintage from these hilly areas are characterized by a nice freshness, a distinctive aroma and they are very drinkable. Many of them are already on the market, and some will shine later in the form of premium wines of regular harvest, sparkling wines, highest category wines...", said Jasminka Šaško from the Hilly Croatia Association. Young wines from this part of Croatia were represented by: Vina DK (Dvanajšćak-Kozol) Cmrečnjak, Jakopić, Štampar, Novak Boris, Kocijan, Agromeđimurje – Podrum Štrigova (from Međimurje); OPG Špoljar-Barundić, Robert Braje, PG Jagunić, Agro Damir Drago Režek (from Plešivica); Bolfan Vinski Vrh, Vuglec Breg, Petrač (Zagorje); Miklaužić, Florijanović, Voštinić, Mikša, Trdenić (from Moslavina); and Puhelek-Purek, Željko Kos, Kos-Jurišić, Jarec-Kure, Badel (from Zelina).

En Primeur Becomes a Hit
En Primeur is a highly respected and specific way of wine tasting. It has a long tradition in France and is an excellent opportunity for professionals, caterers, traders and fans to be introduced to young wines. In Croatia, this tradition is less well-known, but its popularity and attendance numbers are growing. It fits perfectly with the preparation for the tourist season in Croatia. Events are divided into two main parts. Professional guests had the opportunity to taste the wines from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 pm, when the doors opened to all those who love wines or are curious about them.

Great Attendance by Winemakers from Slavonia
Graševina from Slavonia and the Danube area was represented by: OPG Jasna Antunović Turk, Belje, Krauthaker, Vina Kalazić (Kronos), Iločki Podrumi, Vino Buhač, Galić, PP Orahovica, Feravino – Osilovac, Vitis Ilok – Vina Papak, Agrozoli – Vina Pinkret, Misna Vina, OPG Brzica Ivo, Jakovac, Vina Markota, Perak, Vinograd – Podrum Mihalj, VIP Baronica, OPG Mitrović Antun, Erdutski Vinogradi, Podrumi Kolar.