Karlovačko Wins Gold in Bohemia

It is not every day a Croatian beer wins a gold medal in competition in the Czech Republic.

One of Karlovac’ most refreshing exports, Karlovačko crno, has won the “Gold Brewers Seal” in the “special dark beer” category of the prestigious South Bohemia International Beer Festival in České Budějovice, Czech Republic., which finished on February 6, 2016.

Micro and multinational breweries from 23 countries all around the world converged on the town already famous for producing the famous Czech beer Budweiser Budvar (not to be confused with the American watered-down swill) to showcase over 1,000 different types of beer.

The festival which is usually held in Tabor had to be relocated this year due to cope with its increasing popularity. Some 250 breweries competed in 28 beer-style categories such as ale, lager, wheat, stout, lambic, porter and pale-ales.

Beers are judged by a jury of recognized experts in the field of international brewing and evaluated based on characteristics of smell, taste, fullness of flavour, bitterness and aftertaste.

“We are extremely proud that our product won gold at this prestigious competition. Karlovačko Crno has been a member of our portfolio since the end of 2012 and we have invested passion and skill in creating it. We prepare it from three kinds of malt - pale barley malt, roasted caramel malt and roasted dark malt - and it contains barley from Croatian fields. This award is another confirmation of its quality and is great recognition for our teams working on the brand and also all employees of the company. We provide our customers with only the best, and this is an additional incentive to continue to do so in the future”, says CEO Heineken Hrvatska, Branka Slaveska.

Karlovačko has been brewed in Karlovac since the Karlovačko Brewery was founded in 1854 by local landowner Baron Nikola Vranyczany-Dobrinovic.

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