Discover Croatia by Sausage: A Comprehensive Guide

By 11 February 2016

Thought you knew everything about Croatian sausage? Another great read from award-winning blog Zagreb Honestly in Andrea Pisac's latest entry on February 10, 2016.

Croatian sausage – the country’s super food. It comes in exploding variety of flavours celebrating authentic small-scale production. It ennobles the humble sauerkraut, fills a warm bun and compliments mulled wine.

It’s the highlight of every barbecue and the centrepiece of a cold starter. It hangs in people’s attics for an extra layer of flavour from the wind, but it also hangs from the vines on St. Vincent Day to secure a good grape harvest.

Croatian sausage does all that in a single, recognizably phallic shape. If you go beyond its taste, you’ll realize sausage in Croatia is not only food. No national holiday or cultural custom goes without it, and it even features in everyday expressions and songs.

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