Dormouse, Offal, Soup of Sea Rock: Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods Discovers Dalmatia (Video)

By 19 January 2016

A culinary tour of Dalmatia with a different with Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods.

Dalmatia's Adriatic Coast is a tourist paradise, with its endless beaches, sunshine and pristine water, and the region has outstanding seafood cuisine to match the setting. 

But dig a little deeper and there are some very unique indigenous treasures to be found, as Andrew Zimmern from hit gourmet show Bizarre Foods learned on his tour of Dalmatia last year, a trip organised in part with partners of our Total Inland Dalmatia site, Secret Dalmatia. 

From dormice to the offal speciality of vitalac on Brac to soup of sea rock, here is a tour of Dalmatian cuisine most tourists never get a glimpse of. A wonderful snapshot of traditional Dalmatia, uploaded to YouTube on January 17, 2016.