Spring Gourmet Week Started in Dubrovnik

By 11 April 2016

Specially created menus celebrating fresh, local ingredients at affordable prices are available in 16 restaurants across Dubrovnik until April 17.

Spring in Croatia is the perfect time for gourmet pleasures with an abundance of fresh ingredients available throughout the country. To celebrate the arrival of spring, Dubrovnik Tourist Board and 16 restaurants in this Croatian tourist jewel are organizing a Spring Gourmet Week and the festivities started on April 11, 2016.

Participating restaurants all offer special menus at promotional prices, all prepared with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients so until April 17 you will be able to try world renowned Ston oysters, various risottos, soups, fresh fish, lamb, asparagus dishes as well as a whole range of desserts to awaken your senses.

For a complete list of participating restaurants and all available menus click HERE.