Beaches on Hvar

Radovanović Secluded Bay in Gdinj

By Ivana 21 March 2015

Get away from it all at the Radovanović house near Gdinj.

Radovanović family in Gdinj has a great property to rent! If you thought the island was all about partying and busy towns, think again. Eastern Hvar is full of exquisite bays with properties on the water, and with your holiday home just 5m from the water, there are few better located properties available. 

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Life is a little rustic in the bay of Vela Lučica, but the warm welcome of the Radovanović family and the natural treasures and products that surround you away from the crowds more than make up for it. 

Slavka Radovanović 

uvala Vela Lučica,21457 Gdinj
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