From Croatia with Madness

Fun Activities at the Circus: Sucking Saucha

Where to start after one of the most extraordinary weeks in the history of the Croatian Parliament? Tanja Radmilo guides us through the deals of the week, and takes a hot shower afterwards, in her weekly column From Croatia with Madness on May 5, 2017. 

How much is your hand worth?

The Croatian political scene had PMS again. Neither the first, nor the last, but this one was of a particularly revelatory kind with highlights. Not surprisingly, it was Agrokor-related again.

Tomislav Saucha, SDP parliamentary representative, who signed his political party motion on no confidence against Minister Marić, changed his mind and provided the necessary key hand during the voting. It is probably a coincidence that there is serious investigation going on against him for money fraud.

Parliamentary representative Glasnović openly presented to the Croatian public the agreement that he signed an agreement with the Prime Minister and became the 76th HDZ hand. After being asked how he felt about it by one of the journalists, he replied with a question, "How would you feel if I stick that mike up your ass?" Is this for real?

The conclusion is that all hands are for sale if you give us a good offer, regardless of the Party you are a member of.

Milan Bandić, Zagreb mayor candidate organized an operation procedure so that he does not have to appear in Court and be indicted. I understand that. Nobody wants indictment prior to the elections. Then, believe it or not, the Croatian president decides to send him a big teddy bear with wishes for his speedy recovery. That I don't understand. I thought bears and tough guys don't go together.


Ivan Vrdoljak, HNS president, called Savka Dabčević Kučar, a legendary Croatian politician, founder and the first president of HNS, a dick. Yes, you read it well, just as we all heard it well when it happened during a 5-minute interview with Vrdoljak on NOVA TV evening news. The guy said he was tired, but I wonder what would Freud have to say about it

Somebody, wake me up, please!