From Croatia with Madness

Dogmatic Sex, Hard Drugs and No Rock and Roll

TCN's Tanja Radmilo takes a closer look at curriculum reforms, and what exactly stands behind the lack of progress...

Fun Activities at the Circus: Sucking Saucha

Where to start after one of the most extraordinary weeks in the history of the Croatian Parliament? Tanja Radmilo guides us through the deals of the week, and takes a hot shower afterwards, in her weekly column From Croatia with Madness on May 5, 2017. 

Beaches for the Boys But No Downs Syndrome Communion

It has been a particularly surreal week in Alice in Croatland, with a couple of topics catching the eye of Tanja Radmilo in her weekly column, From Croatia with Madness on April 30, 2017. 

"Our Violence and Your Violence" Play: An Appeal to the Catholic Church

As the Church launches an appeal against the performing of a controversial play, Tanja Radmilo launches a counter appeal in her latest From Croatia with Madness column on April 23, 2017.

9.99 Reasons Why We Agrosuck

After a long winter hibernation, we are delighted to welcome back TCN columnist Tanja Radmilo with her From Croatia with Madness column, which will be a weekly feature moving forward. Tanja starts with a closer look at the treatment of Agrokor. 

Why You Should Cut Your Hair Before Visiting Vis (and Other Money Saving Tips)

Make sure you get your hair cut before visiting Komiza this summer, and more essential money-saving tips from Tanja Radmilo in her column, From Croatia with Madness. 

Shame on Who?

After a short break, Tanja Radmilo is back with her column, From Croatia with Madness on June 20, 2016.

Could You Succeed in Croatia? Take the Ultimate Quiz

Looking to succeed in Croatia? Take the ultimate quiz to assess your chances, as Tanja Radmilo returns with her From Croatia with Madness column on February 28, 2016.

Happy Birthday, Madam President!

Just who do you call to organize a birthday party these days in Croatia?

Let's Get It On (PG13 rating): A Look at Croatia's New Ministry for Making Babies

As Croatia's new government prepares to unveil its new Ministry for Making Babies, Tanja Radmilo casts a curious eye over the activities of the proposed new ministry, and comes up with some intriguing suggestions as to who should be the Minister. Not to be read before the 21:00 watershed, or if rude words offend. 

Ivo Baldasar, Braveheart of Split

Tanja Radmilo comments on the SDP infighting after the election, as the Mayor of Split calls for the heads of the party leadership. 

An Open Letter to Croatia's New Prime Minister Tim Oreskovic

Best wishes to the new Croatian Prime Minister, from TCN's From Croatia with Madness column.

Just Laugh It Off, Folks

An alternative look at the Croatian election campaign. 

SuperSyrians Attack

Tanja Radmilo is back, with her latest piece for From Croatia with Madness. 

Je Suis Tomislav

Tanja Radmilo's latest column in From Croatia with Madness.

My Bottle, My Precious!

Get Away from my Bottle!

Shut Your Profiles Up!

From Paradox Paradise to social media profiles, Tanja Radmilo is not short of an opinion or two. 

Welcome to Croatia: Paradox Paradise

Croatia, a Paradise wrapped in paradox.