Religious Corporate Nationalism: the Conundrums of Black Friday

A guest editorial this week on the events of January 22, 2016 and the immediate aftermath of the new government taking power in Croatia. The article is under my name (the website system requires a name), but if written by a very successful businessman in Croatia who preferred to remain anonymous in this uncertain days of the proposed Registry of Traitors of Croatian National Interests. 

Ultra Europe Takes Control of the Branding of Hvar, Split and Bol

The recently released Ultra Europe 2015 Aftermovie is a masterpiece. And a redefining of a destination it entered only three years ago.

Dubrovnik the Beautiful, Split the Must See, Korcula Before You Die, Enough of International Lists?

International travel lists are great for generating website traffic, but are they counterproductive.

Kindergarten Political Football: HDZ United v SDP City

Political and football allegiance are essential ingredients of the formative years of young children in Croatia.

Cheap Catholic Coffee and Local versus Tourist Prices in Croatia

A closer look at the claims and counter claims of cheap coffee for church-going Catholics in Split.

Toilet Journalism, The Sun, Emile Ghessen and Croatia

As Croatia's Interior Ministry exposes a migrant exclusive by The Sun as a sham, what responsibility should the newspaper bear for the fake story?

Russia, Egypt and Turkey: A Golden Opportunity for Croatian Tourism?

With 5.9 million Russian tourists no longer looking at the beaches of Turkey and Egypt, is there an opportunity for Croatia?

Total Croatia News Joins the Google News Family

A Google boost for the international exposure of Total Croatia News.

Migrants, Refugees, Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, and a Humane Croatian Response

Migrants or refugees, and congratulations to the Croatian government and nation on such a humane response.

A Solid Start, and Osijek News, the First Regional TCN Media Partner: Welcome!

The TCN journey into unchartered waters is three weeks old. A progress report and a welcome to our first regional partner.
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