Welcome to Total Croatia Sailing!

TCN is delighted to welcome a new baby into the family on June 1, 2017. Meet Total Croatia Sailing!

From Culture to Party: The Sad Change in Hvar's International Image and Branding

Hvar Town is in the international media again, for all the wrong reasons, on May 30, 2017. A town in danger of losing its cultural identity for the quick buck. 

Some Changes at Total Croatia News, and Meet the New Editor

As TCN continues to grow, some changes, including a new editor who starts on May 3, 2017.

The Transport Revolution on the Croatian Coast (And It is Not Just Uber)

Technology is here, and so are a growing number of committed businesses committed to excellence. How transport and tourism on the Croatian coast are changing. 

Welcome to Total Dubrovnik!

The latest baby of the Total Croatia family is born on March 27, 2017. Meet Total Dubrovnik.

5 Ways HGK Can Learn from Serbia, BiH, Macedonia, a Fat Brit and Swaziland

There was an impressive response from the Croatian Chamber of Economy to our recent article pointing out some failings of the institution recently, with changes to the official website made within an hour of publication (and on a Sunday too). We continue our constructive criticism on March 9, 2017, by taking a look at how the chambers of economy in the region - and as far away as Africa - can give useful lessons for their Croatian counterparts to implement, so that the Croatian Chamber of Economy can better serve its members and the Croatian business message internationally. 

Welcome to Uhljebistan: the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Beyond Useless

The Croatian Chamber of Economy is the international face of investment and business. TCN takes a closer look on February 26, 2017. All is not well. 

Online Trolls, and Who is Total Croatia News Aimed At?

A look at some of the gems in the TCN inbox on January 15, 2017, and some thoughts on our target audience.

Clickbait Websites: Why Advent Zagreb's European Best Destinations is Different

As Zagreb is voted the best Christmas market in Europe for the second consecutive year on December 13, 2016, taking a closer look at the 'clickbait' website of European Best Destinations.

How Many Foreign Ingredients Does Croatian Tourism Need?

As an international halal conference opened in Opatija on November 2, 2016, just how many foreign ingredients does Croatian need for its tourism?

Why the Seaplane Problems are Important for Foreign Investors in Croatia

Following the dislosure on October 18, 2016 that four aviation experts found no justification for the grounding of the seaplanes of European Coastal Airlines, some important points to be considered by foreign investors considering investing in Croatia. 

Is Croatia Finally Becoming the 12-Month Tourist Destination It Should Be?

Whisper it quietly, but a number of factors are turning 'The Mediterrean as It Once Was' from a summer beach destination into one of Europe's most exciting and diverse tourism countries going into 2017, 12 months a year. Meet Croatia. 

Welcome to Total Croatia Wine

Welcome to the latest member of the Total Croatia family - and one which promises to be a lot of fun - Total Croatia Wine. Follow us on Facebook here.

A Year as a Foreigner in the Croatian Media: Total Croatia News Turns One

Total Croatia News celebrated its first anniversary on July 8, 2016. Some reflections on running a Croatian media portal as a foreigner.

Is It Really Necessary to Poison the Minds of the Next Generation?

As Croatian divisive politics harks back to the past and continues to divide the country, is it really necessary to poison the minds of the next generation? I am aware that this article will alienate a number of people, particularly the large number who will not read past the headline but still pronounce their social media hatred and threats. I am ok with that. I am aware that the article will probably get a lot of hits, but I don't write for the hits, as TCN is not a clickbait website, but I think that it is an important thing…

Is a Foreigner Allowed to Have an Opinion in Croatia?

The joys of expressing an opinion as a foreigner, or why Croatia will never change. Is a foreigner allowed to have an opinion in Croatia? I was chatting to a fairly senior Croatian diplomat recently about Croatia, the Croatian mentality, the ineptitude of this government (I may as well say it publicly, as their men in dark suits and expensive surveillance equipment were listening to every word at the Liberland conference I attended in a village north of Osijek this weekend - Evelyn Waugh, where are you when we need you to satirise A Weekend in Alice in LiberWonderLand), and…

A Tale of Two Croatias: Before and After the Uhljeb Discovery

Idyllic Croatia and Reality Croatia live side by side, but once you experience the reality, it is hard to go back. 

How Will Croatia Mark 150 Years of Leading European Organised Tourism in 2018?

A great marketing anniversary is closing in for Croatian tourism - 150 years of organised tourism, the first in Europe. Will Croatia take advantage?

Communism is Dead, and Is It Time for a Croatian Ministry of Excellence?

It is easy to find problems in the modern Croatia, but is it possible that we could bring out the very best of the country quite easily and cheaply with a new Ministry of Excellence?

As Hvar Storm Goes Global, Slavonian Tourism Full of Lifelessness

Why are private promotional videos about Croatia so much better and more popular than the official videos, despite large budgets? The new official promotion of Slavonia, released on February 8, 2016, takes things to a new low. 

Seaplanes: the Poster Child of Tim's New Corruption-Free Croatia?

A high profile sexy project showing the modern cool Croatia. Could it be the poster child of the country's break with its corrupt past? 

Religious Corporate Nationalism: the Conundrums of Black Friday

A guest editorial this week on the events of January 22, 2016 and the immediate aftermath of the new government taking power in Croatia. The article is under my name (the website system requires a name), but if written by a very successful businessman in Croatia who preferred to remain anonymous in this uncertain days of the proposed Registry of Traitors of Croatian National Interests. 

Ultra Europe Takes Control of the Branding of Hvar, Split and Bol

The recently released Ultra Europe 2015 Aftermovie is a masterpiece. And a redefining of a destination it entered only three years ago.

Dubrovnik the Beautiful, Split the Must See, Korcula Before You Die, Enough of International Lists?

International travel lists are great for generating website traffic, but are they counterproductive.

Kindergarten Political Football: HDZ United v SDP City

Political and football allegiance are essential ingredients of the formative years of young children in Croatia.

Cheap Catholic Coffee and Local versus Tourist Prices in Croatia

A closer look at the claims and counter claims of cheap coffee for church-going Catholics in Split.

Toilet Journalism, The Sun, Emile Ghessen and Croatia

As Croatia's Interior Ministry exposes a migrant exclusive by The Sun as a sham, what responsibility should the newspaper bear for the fake story?
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