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May 1, 2020 - A Croatia COVID-19 overview of the latest health, travel and stats news on the coronavirus crisis, with live updates in English, powered by Index.hr.

There are currently 2085 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 9 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 1421 patients have recovered. Seventy-five people have died. 17 patients are on ventilators. There are 659 active cases.

You can now track the progress of the curve of cases and recoveries on the official koronvirus.hr homepage. (You can also follow it into the English version here, which has less content but covers the essential information).

Note that koronavirus.hr is now mapping cases by county instead of town/city. Koronavirus.hr will update their map after the 14:00 CET daily press conference.

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Index also has a very useful breakdown of cases by town and city. Please note that these numbers may not correspondent to the total number, as the locations of some cases are usually confirmed later. We will update this information as we get it. 

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Index has now added two more stat counters - unemployment numbers and a more detailed look at the curve with new cases by day. 

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You can see many more detailed charts regarding COVID-19 in Croatia on the Velebit.ai website.

More than 234,123 people are dead from the virus, which originated in Wuhan City, China. Over 3,308,643 cases have been confirmed globally. The USA has the highest number of recorded cases (1,095,210) as well as the highest number of deaths (63,861) deaths.

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16:15: The director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic "Dr. Fran Mihaljevic" commented on why she did not suspect the coronavirus infection with residents of the Nursing Home in Split, since they had temperatures. Markotic noted that she is involved in the treatment of urinary infections clinically and therefore knows that the elderly population is particularly prone to fever, but that it does not have to be reported.

"There may not be a temperature at all in elderly patients. It's really common to have temperatures occasionally. Of course, this does not mean that they should not be followed. During the day, they may or may not have it. Temperature alone cannot be the only reason to suspect that a coronavirus is present in this population. None of them had severe respiratory symptoms. Nursing homes everywhere in the world are among the most at-risk sites for the spread of the coronavirus," Markotic told N1.

15:05: All 18 samples taken from the general population yesterday were negative for coronavirus.

15:04: The youngest coronavirus patient in Croatia, a 3-month-old baby boy from Barilovac Leskovac, has officially recovered from COVID-19.

14:29: Minister Bedekovic and Head of HZJZ Capak said that now only elderly residents are admitted to nursing homes and that this applies to all homes in Croatia and that a coronavirus test must be performed when entering a home.

14:14: The Minister of Social Welfare Vesna Bedekovic claims that there were no failures in the nursing home in Split, where 16 people have already died. This is claimed by other members of the HQ, with claims that the temperature of the residents for 10 days was not a reason to test for the coronavirus.

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference: 

In the last 24 hours, there are 9 new cases, and 2085 cases in total. Six new fatalities since yesterday - five of them in Split. The new total for fatalities in Croatia is 75. 29 more patients recovered since yesterday, bringing the total to 1421.

"Unfortunately, all new cases are from the Split area. Among them are three nurses, they were tested before returning to work and their positive results will have no effect on the functioning of the hospital," Capak said.

"Split-Dalmatia is now in the first place in terms of the number of patients, but if we compare it with other countries in the region, it is still a rather low number of patients for a county with such a large population," Capak said.

Beroš announced the findings of the inspection in Split:

"An inspection by the Ministry of Health found that there were no leaks in the Split home," Beros said. "There were no irregularities and omissions, they hurriedly implemented all measures," Beros added.

"The Ministry of Demography has determined that everyone in the Split home followed the instructions and recommendations of all competent authorities," said the Minister of Demography.

Journalists asked how it was possible that the residents had a temperature for 10 days, which was confirmed by the director of the nursing home, and they suddenly became positive for the virus. The minister said:

"Supervision was carried out, a report was made, and it was determined that there were no omissions in the conduct of the nursing home or by the employees," Bedekovic repeated, without answering the question raised.

Capak said temperature is a frequent symptom in such establishments. "They were all examined by a doctor who works there and were given therapy, so they were examined and provided care. It is difficult to determine why they were not diagnosed with Covid. We cannot tell why that was the case," Capak said.

Asked if having a temperature was one of the main symptoms of the corona, and why they were not tested immediately, Alemka Markotic said:

"To have a temperature, several immune components must be secreted. Older people simply do not have the ability to initiate these fever mechanisms. There may not be a temperature at all in elderly patients. It is quite common to have occasional temperatures. During the day they may or may not have a temperature. Temperature alone cannot be the only reason to suspect that the coronavirus is present. None of them had severe respiratory symptoms," Markotic explained.

Beroš continued. "These temperatures were of another genesis, the doctor did examinations and it turned out to be a urinary infection. They did not have predominate respiratory problems and therefore not all were tested," he says.

Serology testing in homes

Capak said serology testing in homes has not been launched, we will be ready next week. "It is difficult to get tests. When we have the opportunity then we will conduct testing among the older population," Capak said. "PCR tests are for diagnostics, we have enough capacity for that," he added.

Flights from Croatia

Asked about flights from Croatia, Minister Bozinovic said that there was a discussion at the EU level about the border crossing situation. "This also applies to borders with third countries. Sometime in the coming days, the EC should come up with considerations on how to return to normal, in order for the process to go through some stages. It depends on national decisions. At this point, borders have been raised. Schengen, all this work is increasingly becoming part of a coherent effort at the EU level.

Air travel is one of the biggest casualties, the number of lines has decreased and everyone who maintains lines is focused on returning their nationals," said Minister Bozinovic.

Asked if the situation in Dalmatia was concerning, Capak said he did not think there was a problem in Split-Dalmatia County.

"There is no problem here, we are in contact with epidemiologists, they are working, they are putting the situation under control," Capak added. "As soon as a positive is identified, contacts and a source of infection are immediately sought. We have 13,000 people in self-isolation in Croatia. This is a pool from which new positive people can emerge," Capak explains.

"At one point, we had the most in Krapina-Zagorje County, it just happens that a focal point is opened. Then the emergency must be reacted and measures implemented. If that happens, the situation is under control," he added.

Asked if the opening of gyms was being considered, Capak said he was waiting for the government to determine those measures. "We are in contact with the central government, for some sports, there is a very low risk of transmission, such as golf."

12:59: No new cases in Sisak-Moslavina County. Four more people have recovered and there are currently six active cases in the county.

12:44: According to the data available so far in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, there are no new cases in the last 24 hours, out of 81 samples sent for analysis on Thursday, 22 are negative and 59 are still being processed. A total of 112 were infected and 57 were cured.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1875 samples have been sent to Zagreb for analysis.

As of today, 13 positive patients have been hospitalized, 12 people are at the Infectious ward of the OB of Dubrovnik, one patient is in the Intensive Care Unit and has not been intubated. A total of 225 citizens are in self-isolation, and in the last 24 hours, one violation of self-isolation has been identified. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 25 cases of violations of self-isolation have been identified.

The headquarters continue to urge citizens to adhere to all the prescribed measures, especially in regards to gathering and physical distance.

12:30: A total of 16 residents have died in the Nursing Home in Split. Recall that the Ministry released surveillance results claiming that no omissions had been made, although some residents had a fever for ten days before being tested for the coronavirus.

11:55: According to the report of KBC Split, 5 patients died, born in 1924, 1927, 1942, 1942 and 1948. Two people born in 1927 and 1942 were beneficiaries of the Center for the Elderly and Disabled in Split on Vukovarska Street, and a person born in 1924 was a beneficiary of the Home for the Elderly and Disabled in Makarska. All the deceased were positive for COVID-19 with several serious chronic diseases.

According to the Split-Dalmatia County Report, out of a total of 324 processed tests from the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County, there are 9 new cases - from Split 3, Solin 2, Makarska 1 (from the nursing home in Makarska), Dugopolje 1, Podbablja 1 and Omiš 1. In comparison to yesterday, 19 more people were cured of the coronavirus and 270 people have been cured so far.

Among the new cases are 4 are healthcare professionals, 3 of whom are nurses at the KBC Split and one caregiver from the Center for the Elderly and Disabled in Split in Zenta. The person has been in self-isolation for 14 days and has not been in contact with the users of the Home or the staff since then. After 14 days, she tested positive. Of the new cases, 4 are from self-isolation. 86 people are hospitalized. 103 health professionals are in self-isolation. 9 people are on ventilators, 6 from Split-Dalmatia County and 3 from Šibenik-Knin County. 8 people are quarantined at the Zagreb Hotel Duilovo.

In the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County, 497 cases have been recorded so far.

11:46: There are no new patients in Varaždin County either.

In this county, 46 people were infected and 30 recovered. There are still 13 people treated at the Varaždin General Hospital.

11:45: In the Zagreb County area by Friday at 11 am, there are 129 cases.

In the last 24 hours, there were no new cases, which is the third consecutive day. Seven more people were cured.

11:01: Osijek announces new data.

There are no new cases in the Osijek area. There are 121 cases in total. 81 in total have been cured.

10:45: "Virovitica-Podravina County has not recorded newly infected patients for 10 days," the Virovitica-Podravina County Civil Protection Headquarters reported.

"In the last 24 hours, 28 people have been tested. Their results have been negative. So far, a total of 548 people have been tested. There are still six patients in the area, two of whom have clinically weak symptoms of COVID 19. The other four don't have them," they announced,

10:38: In Lika-Senj for the thirteenth day, there are no new patients, and a favorable epidemiological situation continues, according to the local headquarters.

10:35: There are no new cases in Vukovar-Srijem County in the last 24 hours and there are still 40 cases in total. There are currently no hospitalized patients in the county for COVID-19. In the past 24 hours, 2 people have been healed, one from Nuštar and one from Vinkovci.

10:27: There are no new patients in Požega-Slavonia County

10:22: There are no new cases in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Three people were healed. Currently, there are 29 cases in the county, and 41 people recovered.

10:17: In the last 24 hours in Istria, 47 swab samples were tested and all were coronavirus negative. There are no new patients.

One patient was cured, accounting for a total of 83 coronavirus recoveries in the County of Istria.

10:11: In Karlovac County, 43 people were tested yesterday and all the findings are negative. Two people with the coronavirus have been hospitalized in the Karlovac OB, currently, one person is in Zagreb for treatment, 7 people are being treated at home in isolation. One person has passed away so far, and 20 people have been healed so far.

9:54: "In the past 24 hours, 25 swabs were taken in the area of ​​Krapina-Zagorje County, 19 of which were negative, while the results of 6 samples are still pending. 

6 new people have been healed and the total number of cases in Krapina-Zagorje County is 70.

The current number of active cases is 67. A total of 1638 swabs were taken, the headquarters announced.

9:40 For the sixth consecutive day, there are no new cases in Zadar County, so the total number of people infected is 85 since the beginning of the epidemic. 42 people were cured.

9:37 For the second consecutive day there are no new cases in Šibenik-Knin County, so the overall numbers remain unchanged. 89 people are infected, 46 of whom recovered.

9:35 In Bjelovar-Bilogora County, 9 people were tested for the coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Six tested negative, and three more results are expected.

There are no new cases in this county for 16 days in a row, and since the pandemic has started, there have been 10 patients. So far, seven people have recovered.

9:20 After a corona party, a young man crashed into a house where his mother and child slept. More on Index

8:40 Unionists Novosel and Ribic were on the radio. "The government was throwing money at entrepreneurs like helicopters," they say. More on Index

7:52: Krunoslav Capak, director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and member of the Crisis HQ, spoke to Al Jazeera Balkans about the region's response to the coronavirus, the successful Croatian method of combating COVID-19 and relaxing restrictive measures.

He said the virus was very likely to return in the fall.

7:19: The HZJZ published instructions for pedicures and manicures.

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07:15: Krunoslav Capak, director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and a member of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, talked about Holy Mass attendance at a press conference yesterday.

He pointed out that epidemiologists cannot predict the number of people who may be in church, but that they can predict the distance.

"We have aligned the recommendations with the Croatian Episcopal Congress, which we have prepared for religious ceremonies. There are also documents that we have prepared for our Orthodox believers, for people of Islamic denomination and for Jews. The documents will be published after the press conference," Capak said.

Physical distance will be a must at Masses from Sunday.

"We did not predict the number, but we did predict the physical distance, and how the church should be filled. Those who go to the furthest places come first. We appeal to citizens to stick to it."

07:11: The HZJZ recommends highlighting visible notices for all employees and clients in hairdressing instructions, setting up disinfectant dispensers and arranging seating areas in waiting rooms to meet physical distance measures for clients who cannot wait outside the salon, while other clients wait their turn outside.

It is recommended that a protective barrier be installed in the parts of the salons where services are paid for, and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between all persons in the premises, except for the client and staff, should be provided during the service.

It is essential to provide sufficient paper wipes and other disposable materials, equipment and cleaning supplies, as well as protective equipment for employees.

The usual aprons should, if possible, to be replaced with disposable ones, while all rooms in the salon should be ventilated as often as possible, even during bad weather and between shifts.

Also, the toilets need to be cleaned frequently, and it is recommended that separatefacilities be provided for clients and employees, and sufficient space is provided in employee rest rooms.

Employees should measure their temperature before work

Before coming to work, it is recommended that all employees measure their temperature at home and not come to work if they are above 37.2 degrees or if they have respiratory problems. In this case, it is advised that the employee contact the family doctor by telephone.

When working with one or more clients at the same time, it is necessary to strictly implement safeguards and wash and disinfect hands between clients and make sure to use another set of accessories. Communication with the client should be kept to a minimum.

Shifts should always be made by the same employees, thus reducing contact between employees. It is advisable to do administrative work related to the work of the salon from home, not in the salon, and use telephone and video conferences as much as possible for internal meetings.

Contactless payment is also recommended and no food or drink is recommended during the service. Client ordering is done by telephone, and the number of clients ordered to be served at the same time must be adjusted.

During ordering, it should be noted that the service should not be provided to persons who have any symptoms of acute respiratory infection (runny nose, sneezing, cough, fever, etc.), and clients and employees who have some of the symptoms cannot be allowed to enter the salon.

Record the time the customer enters the salon

All clients at the entrance should be instructed to disinfect their hands and record the person's time of entry to the salon, contact information and time of leaving the salon to help epidemiologists identify their contacts if a patient is found. Also, clients are advised to wear a face mask.

It is mandatory to wash and disinfect hands between clients and use protective equipment throughout the procedure. Employees are advised to wear face masks (surgical or canvas) and gloves according to the usual protocol.

Surgical masks should be changed after a maximum of three hours of wearing, and canvas face masks when they become moist.

When providing services outside the salon, all the conditions specified in this type of hygiene service must be fulfilled.

All possible waste resulting from the provision of the service, as well as disposable materials, shall be disposed of in the provided waste bins with appropriate lids containing two garbage bags.

The remaining hair should be removed from the floor with a suitable broom or disposable paper towels.

Combs, brushes, hair curlers and the like can only be used on pre-washed party hair. Themultiple use of accessories on multiple clients without prior cleaning is not allowed. After each use the accessories should be washed and then disinfected.

Fabric accessories (towels, etc.) and workwear at the end of the working day are washed in the washing machine in the salon at least 60 degrees and completely dried. Canvas face masks should be washed and ironed daily.

Space disinfection is carried out in the usual way between each shift, and workplace disinfection (chair, mirror, pool) must be carried out between each client. Also, contact points, ie telephones, door handles, keyboards, cash registers and the like, such as every two hours, are more frequently treated with disinfectant.

07:10: The National Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia has issued an instruction to local headquarters, stating what is still considered a justifiable reason for issuing an e-pass.

The National HQ stated that they had received numerous inquiries from citizens who owned real estate located outside their place of residence or permanent residence and who needed to visit or go to those properties.

For this reason, they issued an instruction that going to a property they owned was considered a vital family reason for issuing an e-pass, and that the passes could be issued to both the owner and the persons living with them in the household.

"In view of the epidemiological situation, guidance is given to the competent headquarters (headquarters by place of residence and headquarters of the place of destination when it comes to islands) that leaving the property owned is considered to be a vital family reason within the meaning of point II (e) of the Decision not to leave the place of residence. and permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 35/20, 39/20, 44/20 and 48/20) and that this is a justified reason for issuing the e-Pass.

An e-pass may be issued to the owner of the property and to the persons living with it in the common household," the HQ's decision reads.

06:05: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:00: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 2076 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 14 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 1348 patients have recovered. Sixty-nine people have died. 20 patients are on ventilators. There are 659 active cases.

(Live updates provided by Index)

Entry into Republic of Croatia

As of midnight on March 19, 2020; crossing the border of the Republic of Croatia is temporarily restricted. Croatian citizens and residents will be allowed to return to Croatia, which means that they may go to the country where they work and reside and must follow the instructions and measures of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) upon their return. These measures went into effect at 00:01 on March 19, 2020 and are valid for 30 days. More information and exceptions here.

For the latest Croatia travel advice in these uncertain times, click here.

Social Distancing Measures Implemented

Also as of March 19, 2020; it is compulsory to strictly adhere to anti-epidemic measures and strict social distance measures. A strict measure of social distance requires avoiding close personal contact at a distance of at least:

  • Two (2) meters indoors
  • One (1) meter outdoors

The anti-epidemic measures required according to this decision include a ban on holding all public events, gatherings of more than 5 people in one place and the suspension of all retail and trade activities. EXCEPTIONS and details can be found here. These measures were strengthened today March 21, 2020. Residents are being ordered not to leave home except to get food or medicine. 

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UPDATES from April 30, 2020

17:29: Croatian Health Insurance Institute published instructions for manicure and pedicure. More on Index

16:50: Comment by Vladimir Matijanic: The headquarters blamed the Dalmatians first, and now it is the virus of the dead old men. 

16:30: The chief of Osijek's Civil Protection HQ, Boris Pilizota, said on Thursday that the headquarters is requesting work on Sundays at the main market in Gaje Square because it is one of the more intense sales days, unlike the traditionally non-working Monday.

16:00: Instructions for hairdressers are published. More on Index

15:30: By the decision of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, and on the proposal of the Chief of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić, the Zagreb Zoo opens for visitors on Friday, May 1st, 2020.

15:00: A new case has been confirmed in Zagreb in the last 24 hours in a private home for the elderly and infirm, where the virus already entered 15 days ago, the City Civil Protection Headquarters reported on Thursday.

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference begins:

"Thank you to everyone who is working, congratulations to everyone in Emergency Medicine, thank you for your great sacrifice, availability, for everything and thank you especially since the pandemic began," Bozinovic began.

In the last 24 hours, there are 14 new cases, bringing the total to 2076. Two fatalities in the last 24 hours bring the total to 69.

"36,221 have been tested in total, 1745 in the last 24 hours. Two people died, one in Osijek born in 1953 and in Dubrovnik born in 1938," said Beros.

Emergency staff cares for over one and a half million patients a year, but the entire healthcare system is commendable.

Institutions providing care for the elderly and seriously ill are provided by skilled workers who meet certain conditions, so that there is no confusion, when it comes to inspections, these are conducted by chambers and not by the Ministry of Health.

About schools and kindergartens, will you ask employers for confirmation that parents must work?

"There is no obligation to provide certificates, but parents have been asked to provide a certificate upon arrival, and the purpose of the certificate is that no one is infected with the coronavirus and that the parent is familiar with the instructions and to write that both parents have no other option but to send the child to school.

If an outbreak occurs, epidemiologists will take to the field, stop teaching at school if necessary, if the reproductive factor happens, we will talk about going back to the old ways."

For Beros, will he express his conflicts of interest and ties with Petar Pripuz?

"I will answer your questions. I will be available to you, explaining everything you need"

"We have no objection that there is a problem with freelance journalists and the availability of headquarters. Beroš is ready to give an interview. If you have any specific objections, please let us know. We have now entered a new phase, the phase of relaxation. I'm basing those recommendations and explaining the recommendations ... "

Will cafes and restaurants be open on Sundays?

"We have not yet discussed the opening hours of the cafes. In many countries this time is limited," Capak replied.

"We are monitoring the implementation of the measures. At the beginning of the week we have a meeting with the minister and representatives of catering companies and the Ministry of Culture to talk about theaters and similar events. Altogether, I hope that the situation will allow us to start as many activities as possible," Bozinovic added. 

About new cases

Two are from Zagreb, one is the wife of a previously ill patient, the other is a resident of a home in Bukovac. The husband of the earlier patient was infected in Osijek. 4 carers in a nursing home in Makarska bring the total to 11 from the county.

How will distance be controlled at mass?

"We have agreed on the recommendations we have prepared for religious ceremonies. The documents will be released after the press conference. We did not predict the number, but we did anticipate the physical distance and how the church should be filled."

Have the hospitals been instructed on how they will work by Monday, has it been precisely defined which patients will be tested for corona and who will call patients who have been ordered in the past?

"An extensive document came to the ministry yesterday, this is the box that says everything about it. There are 5 patient groups for which pre-testing is recommended. All the details are in the document that was sent to all institutions."

What about teachers who have chronic illnesses?

"We had a discussion with the minister. We need cooperation with the HZJZ, we can always agree on how and how we can stay at home. We have made a recommendation not to go to schools. We need to agree now with the CES and the ministry."

About hairdressers

"I don't think the instructions state that the distance between the hairdresser and the client must be 2 meters. More hairdressers, cosmetologists have contacted us personally. We will publish the recommendations immediately after the intersection," said Capak.

13:58 The government has today limited the maximum retail price of face masks to 12 kuna.

13:44: Health Minister Vili Beros told a cabinet session that the percentage of coronavirus positives in Croatia is still declining, and now stands at 5.98 percent.

13:24: There are no new cases in Krapina-Zagorje and Međimurje counties on Thursday, county headquarters reported. The head of the Krapina-Zagorje County Civil Protection Headquarters, Anđelko Ferek Jambrek, said that another person recovered, bringing the total to 64 people in that county so far.

13:15: No new cases in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, confirmed Chief Josko Cebalo. Yesterday, 64 samples (1794 in total) were sent to Zagreb and all of them were negative, so that the total number of infected persons was 112. There are 57 cured people in total. 352 people are in self-isolation. The Headquarters continues to urge citizens to adhere to all prescribed measures, in particular the ban on assembly and physical distance.

13:00: "It is likely that this crisis will be worse than in 2008. All countries will feel the consequences, but a strong initial recovery is likely," said Minister Maric, adding that employment is expected to fall 3.3 percent.

12:45: The Government adopts the fourth National Reform Program. There are ten reform priorities and 25 measures, Plenkovic said. "We expect a GDP decline of 9.4 percent in 2020," Plenkovic said. 

12:38: MPs unanimously voted in favor of the Proposal for the Law on Delayed Execution of Salaries due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Bandic said that the situation in Zagreb was favorable because the number of new cases was falling, thanked everyone who worked to combat the pandemic, and congratulated the citizens on tomorrow's Labor Day and called them responsible. He announced that the City of Zagreb will use the money usually spent on beans for the most endangered families in seven quake-hit neighborhoods.

12:21: There are no new cases in Zagreb. Deputy Director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health, Dr. Andrija Štampar, Sandra Šikić, said at a press conference that out of 263 samples processed in the last 24 hours, one was positive.

A total of 6846 tests were conducted at the Institute.

"Seven people are in self-isolation. There are a total of 464 patients and 324 recovered in the City of Zagreb, which is 7 more than the previous day," Sikic said.

12:10: According to the SBonline portal, the County of Brod-Posavina has no new cases for the 14th consecutive day. A total of 20 people are infected in that county.

11:57: According to the Split-Dalmatia County Report, out of a total of 194 processed tests from the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County, there are 11 new cases, from Split 4, Solin 1, Kastela 1, Makarska 2, Otok 2 and Podgora 1.

As of yesterday, another 20 people were cured of the coronavirus and 251 have been cured so far.

Among the new cases, 4 are carers of a nursing home in Makarska (2 from Makarska, 1 from Podgora and 1 from Otok), who have been in self-isolation for 14 days and have not been in contact with users or employees during this time. After 14 days, they were tested for COVID-19.

94 people were hospitalized. 9 people are on ventilators, 7 from Split and Dalmatia County and 2 from Šibenik-Knin County. 106 healthcare professionals are in self-isolation. 8 people are quarantined at the Hotel Zagreb in Duilovo.

To date, 488 cases have been reported in Split-Dalmatia County.

11:40: Kindergarten and school guidelines published.

11:34: There are no new cases in Međimurje County. In the past 24 hours, 13 people have been tested, and a total of 423 people have been tested so far.

11:30: For the second day in a row there are no new patients in Zagreb. A total of 129 people confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus were recorded. Eight people have recovered. So far, a total of 66 people have been healed and three have died.

11:15: No new cases in Lika-Senj County for the 12th day, making 22 total cases, three of whom were cured, and another 169 were under active epidemiological surveillance in self-isolation.

For the past 24 hours, police officers from the Lika-Senj Police Directorate have not found any failures to comply with the self-isolation measures.

No reports of public gatherings being held on the streets or other public places have been received.

There was also no violation of the ban on leaving the place of residence and permanent residence without a pass.

11:11: "To date, there are no newly infected persons in Sisak-Moslavina County. Three people have been cured. There are two patients in the isolation unit of General Hospital "Dr. Ivo Pedisic" Sisak and the others are in home treatment.

Out of thirty-two patients in Sisak-Moslavina County, twenty-two patients have recovered, and we have ten more left with SARS-CoV2," the HQ said.

10:50: There are no new cases in the County of Pozega-Slavonia, and as of April 22, there have not been any confirmed infected persons in the county. There are currently 290 people in self-isolation, 21 samples sent for analysis, and a total of 384 tested.

10:49: There are no cases in the County of Vukovar-Srijem in the last 24 hours, and the total number of cases is still 40.

There are currently no hospitalized patients in the county for COVID-19 disease.

In the past 24 hours, 4 people have been cured, which makes the total number of cured in the county of 15. Two cured people are from Nuštar, one is from Županja and one is from Posavje Podgajci.

In the past 24 hours, 32 people have been tested, a total of 1037 tested so far in the county.

10:48: Šibenik-Knin County has no new cases for the 9th day.

10:15: In Karlovac County, 37 people were tested yesterday and all the findings are negative. In Karlovac OB, two people were infected with coronavirus, currently, one person is in Zagreb for treatment, seven are being treated in isolation at home. One person has passed away so far, and 20 people have been healed so far.

10:03: Istrian County Civil Protection Headquarters have reported that kindergartens and schools are preparing to open.

The measure should be implemented from May 11, and the ban on gathering more than five people is still in force, with the possibility that it should soon be extended to ten people. 

9:44: Findings of surveillance have arrived from the Split Nursing Home, in which 14 residents have died so far. The ministry says there was no omission. More on Index

9:43: For the fifth consecutive day in Zadar County, there are no new patients, so the total number of coronavirus infected persons since the beginning of the pandemic is still 85. As of today, 42 people have been cured. There are three patients treated at the COVID ward at the General Hospital in Zadar and three patients treated at the hospital in Biograd. Nobody's on a ventilator.

9:41: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County has no new patients.

9:20: In Bjelovar-Bilogora County, 22 people were tested for coronavirus in the last 24 hours and all findings were negative.

Since the start of the pandemic, 10 patients have been reported in the county, 7 of whom have recovered in the meantime.

For nine days in a row, Virovitica-Podravina County has no newly infected persons, the Civil Protection Headquarters of Virovitica-Podravina County reported.

"We still have six coronavirus-infected in our area, two of whom have clinically poor symptoms of COVID-19, the other four have none. Since the start of coronavirus in the VPZ area, one person has recovered from COVID-19," they reported.

9:05: In the last 24 hours, 74 swab samples were tested in the County of Istria, all of which are coronavirus negative. There are no new patients.

8:50: Goran Ivanovic, chief of the Osijek HQ, said this morning on HRT that only one person was positive out of 130 samples taken, but that a man died born in 1953. "He had a number of other ailments," he said. "We have a total of 121 people infected, and 77 have been cured," he said.

8:42: What about campsites in Croatia? Most are completely empty. More on Index

8:40: The Croatian Post reports that as of Saturday, May 2, it is reintroducing a working Saturday in a total of 214 post offices, and as of Monday, May 4, 25 temporary post offices have been reopened.

Post Office 32264 Bajakovo will be opened on the International Labor Day on May 1st, from regular hours, from 00 to 24 hours.

All other post offices will be closed that day.

8:08: The president of the Association of Voice of Entrepreneurs Hrvoje Bujas made a guest appearance this morning on Croatian Radio. He spoke about wage subsidies and government measures to save the economy. More on Index

7:45: The Croatian Parliament meets today. Members of the Croatian Parliament will vote today on a bill to suspend wage foreclosure over the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, they will vote on amendments to the Parliament's Rules of Procedure, which enable more equitable participation of MPs in these conditions, as well as amendments to the Foreigners Act.

7:39: Preparations for the second phase of loosening measures are on. Krunoslav Capak announced that instructions for churches, the health system and craftspeople who come in contact with parties will be announced today.

Recommendations for kindergartens as well as guidance for schools will be published today.

07:15: Some of the latest TCN articles:

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07:10: As the media reports, given the current epidemiological situation, the emergency facilities at Arena Centar in Zagreb will be dismantled and will no longer be accepted for coronavirus-related patients. This should happen in about ten days.

07:00: A government session will be held today at midday.

According to the agenda of the session, the Government will adopt the National Reform Program 2020 and the accompanying 2020 and 2021 Convergence Program. Also on the agenda is an action plan for the administrative relief of the economy for this year, as well as an amendment to the Decision on Exceptional Price Control Measures for Certain Products and Approval to the Minister of Finance for additional government borrowing due to emergencies caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Ministers will normally receive information on the current status and activities of the coronavirus, as well as the activities of the Civil Protection Headquarters, following the outbreak of the epidemic. Amendments to the Mandatory Pension Funds Act are also on the agenda.

06:05: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:00: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 2062 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 15 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 1288 patients have recovered. Sixty-seven people have died. 19 patients are on ventilators. There are 707 active cases.

UPDATES from April 29, 2020

17:39: Labor Minister Aladrovic announces that about 3.5 thousand companies have been rejected for a job conservation measure. More on Index

17:20: Why keep a measure bordering on espionage of citizens? More on Index

16:52: A new victim of the coronavirus in Croatia, a woman from the nursing home in Ploce has died at a hospital in Dubrovnik. 

15:54: Unemployment in Croatia jumped for the first time since 2013, the Croatian Chamber of Economy announced. 

15:33: Bozinovic cited a May 11 deadline for possible cancellation of e-passes. He also answered the question of why he did not allow the headquarters of Krapina County to cancel the passes to Zagreb. More on Index

14:36: ​​Krunoslav Capak commented on a photo with HDZ members, he nervously answered why he refused to answer the question about membership in the HDZ.

14:26: Chief of Civil Protection Headquarters of Krapina-Zagorje County Anđelko Ferek-Jambrek reports that 39 swabs were taken in the area of ​​Krapina-Zagorje County in the past 24 hours and one newly diagnosed person was registered - from the City of Pregrada.

"We also have 11 new people recovered and the total number of people recovered from the Krapina-Zagorje County is 63. The current number of active cases is 74, and a total of 1506 samples have been taken," said Chief of HQ Ferek-Jambrek. There were no violations of self-isolation measures in the past 24 hours, but 5 violations of the Decision on leaving residence or permanent residence were recorded.

14:25: HDZ club president Branko Bacic said that to his knowledge Krunoslav Capak is a member of HDZ.

14:00: The National Headquarters announces new data on the coronavirus:

Grba Bujevic addressed the press:

"We have 15 new cases, a total of 2062 cases in Croatia. In the last 24 hours, 879 people were tested. 1288 have recovered, which is 56 more than yesterday."

Four fatalities in the last 24 hours, one in Zagreb and three in the KBC Split. There are now 67 fatalities in Croatia. 

The following questions are from journalists:

About infected employees at the Split hospital

"Health professionals are on the front line. Sick people come to them. They have to treat them. So it happened in Split, that 6 nurses in the last two days, and one maid, became infected."

About the second phase

"In the second phase, which starts in a few days, we have drafted a version for everyone in the second and third stages and we are in the phase of communication with people in those areas," Capak said.

On tightening measures

"We have said many times. It is not just a matter of the number of new cases, we have not determined any number, they are trends. Every epidemiologist investigates every infected person, and if it is related to an activity, we will consider reducing that or returning to zero."

About schools

"I do not like to say something in advance because I can make a mistake. At 8.30 there was a meeting with the Ministry, some changes were requested, I did not see the document. By the end of the working day everything will be agreed and tomorrow everything will be published and explained in detail."

About kindergartens

"No country in the world has recommended children wear protective equipment. This is a recommendation by the HQ. I hope the Ministry will supply masks for all for which it is prescribed. Strict disinfection measures and strict instructions are provided upon arrival. It is impossible to prescribe distance, we will recommend hygiene, washing their hands frequently, letting them play, trying to prevent them from touching their faces ... These are recommendations and instructions, it is not law."

About marketplaces and passes

"There is no reason for the florists not to work if they follow the directions. As for the passes, we said that we would look at that system somewhere around the 11th, there is no need for anything to change. As for Zagreb and Zagreb County, they function as a single entity. Our goal, not just talking about these three phases, is to normalize as much as possible, which will of course depends on the epidemiological picture. It is important that this phase is passed in such a way that we can move towards even greater yields," said Bozinovic.

Seasonal virus?

"That's what we're talking about, it's a serious possibility. Viruses can occur either every year, or occasionally, or seasonally ... For example, the West Nile virus hasn't been around for 80 years, then it pops up, so now we have it every couple of years. It emerged in 2010, it swept through Greece, Italy, France, Croatia and is gone ... This virus could be a regular seasonal one that could occur every year, but we'll see what else it decides because it's quite unusual," said Markotić.

About churches

"We do not prescribe control, we just make recommendations. The situation is pretty clear, there needs to be space, there needs to be social distance."

About the Fran Mihaljević Clinic

"Part of the clinic has been stopped in our country, starting next week we will start putting everything into operation," said Markotic.

Would you go into a church with 50 people?

"There is always a risk. This risk can be reduced by hygiene, social distance. I hope it will be respected."

About HDZ

"It's a private matter. I don't see the need to speak about it publicly. I'm not a political person or in office. And I reserve my right to keep it to myself. As for the pictures, you can find my pictures with the SDP ministers and other famous people, with General Praljak, my photo album is very rich.

Am I a member of a party that is my private matter, "Capak did not even want to answer today if he is a member of HDZ.

About loosening measures

"We are for phases, loosening them gradually, and caution. We think we are doing it right. We have put some things in balance. We have considered everything epidemiologically and made one balanced decision about phases. Time will tell.

An event does not have to happen on the first day of loosening measures. The mean incubation time is 6.7 days. We will monitor the situation and, if necessary, return it to the beginning," Capak said.

Passes for islands

"That is the responsibility of the local headquarters. I see no reason to prevent anyone on land from going to the island."

13:34: For a week now, Rijeka firefighters have been monitoring the gathering of citizens in public areas by drone, reports RI Channel, who spoke with them and checked how this is done. More on Index

13:20: Istrian Chief of HQ warns: No barbecue for May 1st. More on Index

13:19: Union Preporod, a union of employees in Croatian education, commented on the return of students to school on May 11. More on Index

13:13: Two new cases in the Dubrovnik area, among them a nurse. 

12:45: Varaždin County has no new patients. 

12:35: One case has been reported in Zagreb since yesterday. That's a total of 464 cases, of which 317 recovered. The situation is favorable. 222 people were tested, three in self-isolation and another 26 were sent for testing.

12:07: Three people have died in Split, two were from nursing homes. 

According to a report from Split-Dalmatia County, another 35 people have recovered from the coronavirus. Of the 204 tested, 3 were infected. All the new cases are from the city of Split.

Two new patients are employees of KBC Split (two nurses). So far, a total of 231 people have been cured. 95 people were hospitalized. 8 people are on ventilators, 6 from Split-Dalmatia County and 2 from Šibenik-Knin County.

11:53: No new COVID-19 infections in Bjelovar-Bilogora County for 14 days in a row. Since the start of the pandemic, 10 patients have been reported in the county, 7 of whom have recovered in the meantime.

11:50: No new cases in Brod-Posavina County for the 13th day in a row. They have 20 cases in total, 5 people were cured.

11:48: The emergence and spread of the coronavirus is the event that has most shaken the world economy since the economic crisis of 2008. It is certain that all economies of the world, including ours, will, over a longer period, feel the consequences of reducing business activity to a minimum for the purpose of health protection, writes portal Fininfo.hr. 

11:44: No new cases in Zagreb County in the last 24 hours, in which a total of 129 people have been confirmed to have the coronavirus.

11:30: Three new cases have been confirmed in Šibenik-Knin County, according to the County Civil Protection Headquarters.

11:19: To date, there are no newly infected COVID-19 people in Sisak-Moslavina County. The isolation unit of General Hospital „Dr. Ivo Pedisic" Sisak has two patients

11:18: Lika-Senj County has recorded the eleventh day without new infections

11:10: Is Capak a member of the HDZ? There are pictures from a local HDZ branch. More on Index

11:00: Here's how schools, churches and hairdressing will look. Will e-passes stay for weeks? More on Index

10:30: Divjak asked if she would send her child to school. More on Index

10:20: The LIPA ASSOCIATION has sent Ivica Brkljaca an analysis of Lipa's Competitiveness Barometer, which concludes that the measures against the spread of the coronavirus were not only harsh but also completely inconsistent with the situation and the proclaimed strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures have been declared the harshest in the world according to the Oxford State Response Monitor, and Brkljaca warns that the consequences could potentially be greater than the danger of the virus itself. 

10:10: Zadar still has 85 cases.

9:56: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County has no new cases today. The number of cases is still 82 and 35 have been cured.

9:51: Požega-Slavonia County currently counts the 29th day without new cases, and as of April 22, there is not a single confirmed infected person in the county. There are currently 270 people in self-isolation, 17 samples sent for analysis, and a total of 363 tested.

9:47: "After the corona crisis, nothing will be the same again," Bernardic said, adding that the coronavirus currently covered all Croatian problems. More on Index

9:34: For the eighth consecutive day, Virovitica-Podravina County has no new patients. 

9:33: Vukovar-Srijem County has 1 new infected person. 

9:30: Istria has no new cases for the 12th day.

9:10: "Our civilization is at a turning point. We have several possible futures ahead of us. It will be a very interesting time in any case," Korade Korlevic commented on N1 Television's current situation.

8:50: Krapina-Zagorje County Civil Protection Headquarters reported this morning that the National Headquarters did not accept their proposal to abolish passes between Krapina-Zagorje County and the City of Zagreb and between Krapina-Zagorje County and Zagreb County. 

8:30: Hairdressing and other service activities re-open as of Monday, May 4. What it will look like to go to the hairdresser, explained the First Croatian Epidemiologist of HZJZ Iva Pem Novosel. More on Index

8:25: Will we be able to go to the sea this summer? More on Index

08:00: Some of the latest TCN articles:

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Hvala Hrvatska: Should Expats Show Thanks for Great Coronavirus Handling?

Cleaners Decry Site's New Rules, Lamenting the Reality of Hygiene in Corona Era

Tourism in the Corona Era: To Open or Not to Open, the Question is Now!

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EU Ministers Meet: COVID-19 Passport, Cro Card and More

07:53: "All families living with grandparents, we recommend that the children stay at home. Children are a group that very rarely becomes ill or have a mild form of the disease, but can be asymptomatic carriers.  A 2-meter recommendation in schools will be difficult to maintain.

It's clear to everyone that this will be a compromise solution for parents to go to work. Masks will not be required, but if children can wear masks, let them wear them. That's always a recommendation. This is even more prevalent in kindergartens. We recommend that your kindergarten assistants wear masks. It is clear that the nursery distance will not be able to be carried out, so hygiene and ventilation should be kept in mind, ”said Pem Novosel.

07:50: Epidemiologist Iva Pem Novosel from the Croatian Institute of Public Health spoke on Croatian radio, what Mass will look like and what all believers must adhere to. "There will be hand disinfection at the entrance, communion will be received in the hand, there will be no reaching out for the sign of peace and there will be no holy water. The most important thing is to keep a distance, a meter and a half to two," she said. Families, of course, do not need to keep a distance. And if possible, masses should be held outdoors, next to the church, in front of the church, and the like, she added.

07:25: Maja Grba-Bujević is on HRT this morning. "We still have to be very careful, but the situation can change if we just keep our instructions. Let's all contribute together to keep the virus from spreading and wait for summer."

"I don't think it's too early, we had to mitigate the measures because we have a good epidemiological picture. It's going on gradually, we have to be very careful. But the next two weeks are really crucial. We have to keep an eye on these measures and how they will go.

"There is always an extreme, for the Croatian people to drop to the floor, to endure all that has made us very difficult. Our life has changed from the ground up. My admiration goes to people who are in self-isolation, and that is now 15 thousand people."

"The most important thing is physical distance, put on canvas double masks, and if we both have that mask then we are largely protected. Now we come back to life and we need to know how to use the mask. Before the mask is put on, it would be good to disinfect the hands, the mask is only put behind the ear and once put behind the ear it is no longer touched. it has to cover both nose and mouth, do not touch because I touch the tram handle and so I can carry the virus, when the mask gets wet it is removed and put in the bag I have prepared. One mask is worn for a maximum of 4 hours. then the mask is removed "

"On Monday, the health system will start operating at 30.35 percent. And capacity will increase," Grba-Bujevic said in the end.

06:53: According to the latest data from the National Civil Protection Headquarters, 465 cases of infection have been registered in the largest county in Dalmatia. The city of Zagreb, where the virus first appeared and had the highest number of infected so far, currently has 464 cases, although it has nearly twice as many inhabitants: 806 thousand, compared to 454 thousand in Split-Dalmatia County.

06:50: A coronavirus infection has occurred at the KBC Split lung department with medical staff and six intensive care patients were transferred to Križine on Sunday and Monday. We have received information from our readers and some claim that the evacuation of patients was carried out during the night so as not to find out what was going on.

This was confirmed by Health Minister Vili Beros. Visiting the Nova TV sown Dnevnik, he said he was aware of the situation.

"Five staff members are positive, with a milder clinical picture in some of them. According to them, epidemiological treatment was performed and also nine patients with whom these sisters were in contact are in isolation. They were tested and negative," explained Beroš.

He said further epidemiological treatment was underway.

06:45: Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli in HRT's Theme of the Day said at a conference yesterday with the EU tourism ministers that it was agreed that there would be mobility, ie travel from one country to another.

He revealed that the border with Slovenia would be opened first.

6:40: Starting today, April 29, the first three tram lines, Nos. 3, 5 and 14, will be launched in Zagreb, which at this stage will partly operate altered lanes through free traffic corridors, according to the Sunday timetable, announced Tuesday. evening Zagreb Electric tram (ZET).

Tram line 3 will operate on the usual route: Ljubljanica - Vukovar Street - Savisce.

Tram 5 will operate on the altered route: Prečko - Savska Road - Vukovar Street - Žitnjak.

Tram line 14 will also operate on the altered route: Ljubljanica - Savska Road - Adriatic Bridge - Zapruđe, which will, after more than a year and a half, establish tram traffic via the roundabout.

The tram lines will operate according to the Sunday schedule available at the start-end stops and the ZET website.

Tram traffic was interrupted by the decision of the National Headquarters to suspend public transport, as well as by damage to the tram infrastructure caused by the earthquake. Professional services are on the ground every day and are working intensively to provide conditions to gradually introduce tram traffic to other lines as well.

6:35: Alemka Markotic told RTL that it was possible to reintroduce measures if citizens did not adhere to the rules. 

6:30: The director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the member of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Krunoslav Capak told Dnevnik.hr about the current epidemiological situation in Croatia, the return of children to schools and kindergartens, as well as his possible political career.

He said that they thought carefully about loosening the measures and that the decision was made at the right time because we have a favorable epidemiological situation and large reserves in the health system. He says we will see the first effects at the end of the week, and we will have the right picture in 14 days. 

06:05: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:00: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 2047 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 8 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 1232 patients have recovered. Sixty-three people have died. 21 patients are on ventilators. There are 752 active cases.

UPDATED: April 28, 2020 - 08:00 CET

17:00: Rudolf Stefan, the owner of Pelegrini Restaurant, which received the prestigious Michelin star two years ago and has been known as one of the best Croatian restaurants for years, said he could not open for now. More on Index

16:16: A dozen residents of Split's Center for the Elderly and Disabled on Vukovarska Street, where the coronavirus infection has spread, have so far been discharged from the hospital and have been returned to the home. 

15:20: In the last 24 hours in Croatia, we have 8 new cases, with a total of 2047 cases. Four died, two in Koprivnica and two in Split. We have a total of 63 fatalities, which is 15 deaths per million inhabitants. In Croatia, another person died, from Krapina, but the headquarters had not yet received information for him, stating that 4 people had died.

15:10: Capak asked why churches can open and theaters can't. > More

14:40: There are no new cases in Sisak. 

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference:

In the last 24 hours, there are 8 new cases in Croatia, and 2047 in total. Four fatalities since yesterday - two in Koprivnica and two in Split. 21 patients on ventilators, which is the same number as yesterday. 

"We have 8 new cases, a total of 2047 cases. Four patients have died, two in Koprivnica and two in Split. We have a total of 63 fatalities, wich gives us 15 deaths per million inhabitants," said Minister Beros.

"1232 have recovered, which is 66 more than yesterday.

The descending pandemic curve must not mean descending the curve of our caution. In addition to all the data we have updated daily, machine-readable data are available as of yesterday. It is important to continue clear and transparent communication," he added.

You know that we were preparing for the arrival of the virus in Croatia and we were adequately prepared. We formed secondary and tertiary centers. As part of the second phase of sectoral measures, there is de-reactivation of the health system. It has been agreed to update all waiting lists for those ordered for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

It has been agreed to update all waiting lists for those ordered for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. All patients will be notified of new appointments. We must emphasize that coordination with family physicians must be strengthened, as all preparation must be done by a doctor. The number of day hospital services will increase. Closed polyclinic work will be organized to reduce congestion. They will also be open on weekends if needed," Beros said.

Capak then spoke:

"We have only 8 new patients, which is extremely favorable. We have room to loosen our measures. As you know in many countries, the pandemic is relenting. In the surrounding countries are Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia, and we often like to compare ourselves with Austria, Sweden and Belgium. We are second in incidence, only Hungary has a better result than us. We have 497 per million patients. Sweden has 1874, Belgium 4028. We have the lowest death rate, 14 per million, Serbia has 19, Sweden 225, Belgium 622. This is the result of our measures."

The following are questions from journalists:

Civil Protection inspections, you know, police officers, inspectorates, will be on hand at all times to keep track of any irregularities and situations that they need to correct, they are there to indicate that something has been fixed. No repression is the goal.

About schools and masses

"The HZJZ has finalized a draft recommendation for the state graduation and schoolwork, it was given to the ministry this morning, we are waiting for comments and we will definitely publish guidelines on Thursday and everything will be known.

As for churches, we are in communication about getting it done and I hope it is completed tomorrow," Capak replied.

About keeping track of contacts infected through cell phones

"Talking about contact monitoring is an epidemiological measure, there are a whole host of ways, from day one in the world, about using mobile applications that can accelerate the process. To do this on a voluntary basis with strict respect for privacy 7,8 EU member states already have such technological solutions in use, some 11,12 said it was in the preparatory phase to put it into operation because everyone saw it as an opportunity to has prevented or reduced the rate of spread of the second wave of contagion that could come in the fall. Germany will do it in 5 months. What they are facing again depends on the epidemiological situation," Bozinovic said.

About store opening hours and non-working Sundays

"All our decisions can take the longest while the epidemic lasts. But we have decisions that have been made and changed," Bozinovic replied.

About infected children

"Fortunately, this virus did not cause great morbidity in children. There were individual cases of more severe infections in children, but rarely. In dangerous and severe illnesses at the outset, the virus or bacteria can suppress our system, allowing this microorganism to reproduce. After that, very intense inflammation is created, which is made up of a whole series ... Which can be harmful as well, it is like a war between a micro-organism and our defense. Likewise, some microorganisms can use found cells and stimulate some cells that are in charge of something else .. All types of inflammation result in a severe clinical form."

About theaters, cinemas, concerts

"Theaters, cinemas, and other gathering places are not on the agenda yet and I cannot tell you anything specific yet. In this first phase, we wanted to loosen the part that carries good economic results with less risk.

I didn't see the proposal of the music union, I would gladly look at it, comment on it and then I would let you say the proposal about the musicians ... We get thousands of emails a day, it's impossible to review everything. "

What logic is behind the loosening the measures?

"We have communicated many times about this. The ministries have been tasked with making a list that produces the best economic results. We cannot release everything at once. We cannot return to the situation from before. Phases, caution, the gradual relaxation of measures. Everything will come.

We have prepared a draft, it is now in the phase of alignment with those who are doing the job, I hope we have some draft that we will publish tomorrow.

What about the deceased person from Krapina?

"We announce the results as of 12:45. Krapina-Zagorje County had the result at another time."

Recommendations around schools

"Certainly students can keep their distance. The average class size is 13.5 students. But we wouldn't go into details. We made very detailed recommendations, the most detailed ever."

"There was Bernard Kaić with one representative of the Crisis HQ in Koprivnica. The intention was to talk about the situation in the hospital and the nursing home. The epidemiological service did its job well, everything could be done in the home, the report says."

About gatherings

"On the benches, if the social distance is maintained, that's ok. There should be no gathering of more than five people. I hope people are sticking to it. In the third phase, opening catering establishments, our deliberation was the agreement of the Ministry and epidemiologists."

Theater and churches

"I don't know, since the theaters are working commercially on whether they will pay off. Because we have phases, we haven't put it on the agenda yet. We'll create a framework for them as well."

About working on Sundays, is it possible to schedule another day?

"All these measures were adopted on the basis of the conclusions of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and in the conclusions of the Government, all loosening phases and activities have been negotiated with the appropriate ministries."

13:46: Another COVID-19 positive person in Sisak-Moslavina County has recovered. The person had two consecutive negative findings on SARS-CoV-2, which means that we now have nineteen cured patients and thirteen positive ones.

13:02: "To date, there are no newly infected COVID-19 patients in Sisak-Moslavina County. There are two patients in the isolation unit of Dr. Ivo Pedisic General Hospital in Sisak and the rest are undergoing home treatment.

Out of thirty-two patients from our Sisak-Moslavina County, another patient was recovered, which means that we have eighteen cured patients and there are fourteen more positive patients left," Sisak-Moslavina County reported.

12:54: There are no new cases in Vukovar-Srijem in the last 24 hours, so the total number of cases is still 39. There are currently no hospitalized persons in the County due to COVID-19 disease.

In the past 24 hours, 1 person has been cured from Vinkovci, so the total number of people cured so far in the county is 11.

12:48: According to the report of KBC Split, two people have died.

The deceased female, 80 years old, was a resident of the nursing home on Vukovarska Street. The other deceased person is a managed 59 (he was not a resident).

Both persons were positive for COVID-19 with several serious chronic diseases.

According to the NZJZ Split - Dalmatia County Report, out of a total of 167 tests performed in the Split - Dalmatia County area, there are 3 new cases - Split 2 and Solin 1.

So far, 196 people have been cured.

None of the new cases are residents or staff members of nursing homes.

12:40: In the past 24 hours there are no new patients, said Krapina-Zagorje County. In the last 24 hours, 35 swabs have been taken and there are no positive findings.

"Unfortunately, one person from the Pregrada area has passed away. This is a female person who is 34. We offer our condolences to the families of the deceased," Ferek-Jambrek said.

12:33: "In our county, we have three new cases, to date, the number of positive patients is 68," the Koprivnica headquarters announced.

Of the 15 samples taken, three were positive. A total of 15 people were healed, but unfortunately, two more people have died as of yesterday, we currently have three deaths in our county," they added.

According to the report, a female person died, born in 1926 (the person reported yesterday by the National Headquarters) and a man who was born in 1936. Both were residents of the Nursing Home.

12:25: In the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, for the tenth day, there are no new cases, that is, among 71 samples sent for analysis on Monday, no new cases were recorded. Also, another 11 people were cured for a total of 52. Among the samples sent on Monday were those of the shift teams who need to return to work at the Domus Christi Nursing Home in Dubrovnik, the Nursing Home for Mother Mary Petkovic from Blato and the Korcula Nursing Home.

12:13: A press conference of the Zagreb Civil Protection Headquarters is underway. As of yesterday, there is one new case in Zagreb, for a total of 463 and 299 cured.

Zvonimir Sostar, Director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health Andrija Stampar, announced that serology testing would be initiated at the site, the first in Croatia, as soon as the "decision" was reached.

12:02: In the last 24 hours in Varaždin County, there are no new cases, so the overall numbers remain unchanged. A total of 46 people were infected and 30 recovered.

12:00: In the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County for the seventh consecutive day, there are no new coronavirus patients, keeping a total of 35 coronavirus positive people, and just as many have already been cured.

11:39: The Zagreb County Civil Protection Headquarters reported Tuesday that one case has been reported in the past 24 hours.

"According to the Zagreb County Institute of Public Health, 129 people have been registered by Tuesday until 11 am. who have been confirmed with the infection," the county headquarters said in a statement.

Compared to yesterday's data, three more people were cured. So far, a total of 50 people have recovered and three have died.

The HQ urges citizens to follow epidemiological instructions and that everyone must be aware of the responsibility for their own health, that of their families, and their fellow citizens.

11:38: Međimurje County chief Matija Posavec said there were no coronavirus patients in Međimurje for a full 14 days, and another person recovered, eMeđimurje reports.

"We have six people who have been healed and two who are infected and we are one of the better-healed environments, 75% of them," he said, adding that one male and one female were currently infected.

11:23: For the twelfth day in a row in ​​Brod-Posavina County, there are no new patients with COVID-19. With this information, as of today, two more people have been healed.

All emergency services and other institutions within the Headquarters of Brod-Posavina County carry out their regular activities in accordance with the new prescribed measures and decisions of the National Headquarters.

11:20: There are no new cases in Požega-Slavonia County and as of April 22, there are no confirmed infections in the County. There are currently 262 people in self-isolation, 33 samples sent for analysis, and a total of 346 people tested.

11:18: "In the last 24 hours, one new case was recorded in the Osijek-Baranja County out of 105 tested at the Osijek Clinical Hospital Center and the Public Health Institute of the Osijek-Baranja County. In total, there are 117 coronavirus patients in our county. 67 have recovered. The new case is a person from Koška and is not a contact of the previously known infected person. Epidemiologists, in conversation with the new patient, is investigating where and when they were put into self-isolation. Today, 89 people are in self-isolation in our county, and five of them are new contacts," the headquarters announced.

10:52: In Lika-Senj County, there are no new cases for the tenth day in a row. A total of 22 people were infected with COVID-19, of whom 3 were cured.

10:46: There are no new cases in Zadar County, so the total number of coronavirus infected persons since the beginning of the pandemic is still 85. As of today, 39 have been cured.

10:21: Due to the increasingly favorable epidemiological situation, Health Minister Vili Beroš has proposed abolishing the night shift in the so-called "COVID -19- dispensaries".

As a result, the working hours in specially separated clinics in Zagreb for the examination of patients suspected of coronavirus infection - the so-called “COVID -19 outpatient clinics” are daily from 8 am to 8 pm at the following locations:

Health Center Zagreb-Center
Av. V. Holjevca 22, Tel: 01/6598 464 and 01/6598 463
Health Center Zagreb - East
Grižanska 4, tel: 01/2960 - 418
Health Center Zagreb - West
11 Baron Filipovica Road, tel .: 091/3876 591

10:19: There are no new patients in Istria County. There are currently 9 swab samples being tested for suspected coronavirus.

10:09: Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Karlovac County has recorded 30 cases.

As of yesterday, there are no new cases in Karlovac County, at least those recorded by the Civil Protection Headquarters.

Recall that yesterday, one in 30 people tested positive, but she was still in self-isolation.

10:05: Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said before meeting with EU interior ministers that the pandemic has affected various aspects of our lives, citizens' health and lifestyles, as well as the economy. "We will look at innovative solutions such as systems based on contact monitoring applications, which is key to preventing virus spread and control," Bozinovic said.

9:50: In the area of Šibenik-Knin County there are no new patients with COVID-19, so the number of infected persons is still 86, and 38 have recovered.

08:59: For the seventh consecutive day in Virovitica-Podravina County, there are no new patients positive for the coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, three people were tested and their results were negative. There are still six infected in the county, two of whom have clinically poor symptoms of COVID-19, the other four have none. Since the onset of the coronavirus in the area of the VPZ, one person has recovered from COVID-19. In the area of Virovitica-Podravina County, a total of 455 people were tested. In addition, police officers visited the addresses of 45 people who were issued a measure of self-isolation. One of them was not at home.

08:55: For the thirteenth day in Bjelovar-Bilogora County, there are no new COVID-19 patients. Yesterday, 20 people were tested at Bjelovar General Hospital and 18 results arrived - and all 18 were negative, while the results are still expected for 2 people. Also, another person has recovered so that today there are three infected in Bjelovar-Bilogora County.

The number of people in self-isolation in Bjelovar-Bilogora County is currently 337, and there have been no violations of self-isolation measures in the last 24 hours. So far, police officers have checked self-isolation measures 3,111 times.

8:15: HZJZ Head Krunoslav Capak on N1 live answering questions from viewers.

He initially commented on going back to school. "We made the draft version and the instructions, but the decision is not up to us but the ministry. We made the draft. Whether or not the children go to school depends on the epidemiologists," he said.

"It's much easier for children to get over the coronavirus. And transmission goes harder, obviously, there needs to be a higher infectious dose, and the symptoms in children are milder," he added.

About holidays

"Croatia has a number of advantages over countries that are our competitors in tourism. We have this advantage, if the situation is good, we will come to auto-tourists. But it also depends on the epidemiological situation in that country. As for the COVID passport, that serology test shows if the person has got over it, which does not mean that the person cannot transmit the disease. We have no evidence for that. I would recommend caution," he said commenting on the tourist season.

"I believe we will resolve this infection after the second wave next year, if not this year," Capak said.

About loosening measures and masks

"We recommended the use of masks, we communicated widely about this. We asked the public transport organizers to clearly display on the front door that it is recommended to wear masks. We expect that citizens will accept this. Of course, it is possible to introduce an obligation, but then it will have to be controlled. But if necessary, the Headquarters can demand that it be mandatory," Capak said.

About festivals, cinemas, concerts ...

Asked how many more people could gather by July, he says. "There may be a social distance after July. We are monitoring the situation, there is no reason not to consider allowing it," he said.

"First of all, we let go of what is most disturbing to the economy. Festivals and concerts are a greater epidemiological risk," he said when asked why theater and cinema were not organized. We discussed opening a drive-in movie theater and we think it's an innovative and good idea. Whoever has an innovative idea, we will listen," he said.

"Stay home"

He said "stay home" still stands. "This continues to be the case for the elderly and all other categories unless they need to go to work and do something that is vital. We have made recommendations on how this should be done," he said.

"Each of us can spread the virus, we cannot know if we are carriers, that's why we make these recommendations, and that's why this measure is important," Capak said. "I have received emails that I am the Hitler of modern times because of these measures," Capak said.

The second wave is expected in the fall, so why the fall?

"No one knows. But there are assumptions as it spreads by droplets. During the summer it will decrease. Then comes the colder weather when other respiratory problems come. For the second wave, there are assumptions that we have not acquired immunity, that the virus does not mutate. This is a horrible, horrible virus that complicates us. We don't know we have it because we can have it without symptoms. That's why measures and recommendations are important," he said.

About the election

"It's a difficult question. Nobody has asked epidemiologists yet if this is possible in July. I read in the media that someone had held an election. The decision is not made by epidemiologists or the Headquarters," he said.

He also commented on the criticism that the headquarters had turned from national to pre-election. "I do not accept this criticism at all. If you go back nine weeks now, when the Headquarters was convened, I am a member of the Headquarters because I am the director of the HZJZ. We came together, we did not know what was waiting for us. We have to work with the government, that's why Minister Bozinovic is here, but we came together with one task. If the infection had stopped, you wouldn't have seen me in the media," Capak is determined.

"I think there is a little too much media attention about the coronavirus and there needs to focus on some other topics," Capak said. He complained that the media kept calling him. "I started at 7 in the morning and ended at 11 pm and I'm not happy about that. But the situation has required us to," he said, adding once again that politics would decide the choice and the experts would make recommendations.

Relaxation of measures and illogicalities

"At some point, the loosening must begin. We have decided that now is the moment, we will monitor the situation. If a new focal point occurs, we will investigate it and if it has anything to do with the loosening, we will ask that we give it back," Capak said.

On work bans on Sundays

"I don't know much about that. We discussed the opening hours, the opening hours were until 5 pm. We extended the opening hours in 6 days to 24 hours. I said, I do not know the information about what is mostly bought on Sundays. I do not know that is so. My personal experience is that I do not go to the shop on Sundays. I am not sure that it has its economic justifications or politics, that was not my guiding idea. We were thinking about reducing mobility and we decided it would be Sunday," Capak said.

07:55;  Another 401 jobs were lost yesterday, according to the updated Index chart.


07:44: Marko Kosicek, Chief Advisor to the Minister of Science and Education, Blazenka Divjak, said this morning on Croatian radio that students would return to school on May 11 only if all conditions were met. Guidelines from epidemiologists are waiting, he says.

07:25: Cotton protective masks of vibrant colors and patterns are made by volunteers from the "Jak as Jakov" association from Karlovac, trying to raise money to help children with malignancies and their families during the coronavirus.

Volunteers make cotton, two-layer masks for adults and children, which are reusable and washable at high temperatures. They currently have a stock of 400 masks that can be ordered, and more details can be found on the association's Facebook page.

"So far, by selling masks, we have been able to raise HRK 22,000 and have financially helped 11 children who are in treatment, and currently we have five more children on the waiting list for help," says Ivancica Rubido, president of the association.

The parents use the money raised for the needs of their children while on medical treatment, such as paying for accommodation in Zagreb, since not everyone has the option of free accommodation. Helping them is good because there are a lot of problems and some parents are out of work in the current situation, Rubido says.

07:19: On the program Otvoreno (Open) on HRT, the topic was the revitalization of the economy, and the second part of the show was almost entirely devoted to the ban on work on Sundays.

The show was attended by Darko Horvat, Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts,
doc. dr. sc. Krunoslav Capak, cf. MD, Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health,
Dragutin Ranogajec, President of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and Davor Majetić, CEO of the Croatian Employers Association.

Capak commented on the large number of people on the buses and the ban on work on Sundays. More on Index.

07:15: Minister Cappelli has revealed when we will be able to leave the country. More on Index.

06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 2039 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 9 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 1166 patients have recovered. Fifty-nine people have died. 21 patients are on ventilators. There are 814 active cases.