ŽKK Dugopolje Organizes First 3x3 Football Tournament

By 5 August 2019

August 5, 2019 - On Sunday, the first 3x3 tournament was played in Dugopolje, organized by ŽKK Dugopolje. Twelve teams were registered in the tournament, including representatives of Croatia under the name Statist. The teams were divided into four groups of 3 teams. After the group stage games were played, the best two from each group went to the quarterfinal.

In the semifinal, the teams were ranked according to the best in the tournament (Statist, Spalato A2 Jug, Imoćani, and Onogatiboga).

After the dramatic semifinal games, Statist and Spalato A2 Jug competed in the final. 

The final game was fierce and competitive. In the end, Statist deserved the victory. For third place, Imoćani overcame Onogatiboga.

At the end of the tournament, awards were given to the best teams. The awards were distributed by tournament organizers Tomislav Balić (director of the Dugopolje Tourist Board) and Stipe  Čipčić, coach of ŽKK Dugopolje.



Statist - Full Monty 21:12

Onogatiboga - Kosidba 21:12

Spalato - Versi 21:17

Imoćan - Ćipe 21:8


Statist - Onogatiboga 21:8

Spalato - Imoćani 21:16

For third place

Imocani - OnogatiBoga 21:17


Statist - Spalato A2 Jug 22:16

On the Statist team

Duje Kaliterna

Luka Radoš

Toni Mindoljević

Ivan Rašetina