Pršut Champion from Dugopolje - What is His Secret?

By 6 September 2015

The International Pršut (Prosciutto) Festival in Drniš took place for the 2nd time last weekend. Many producers and pršut lovers gathered to taste and decide which one is the best of all.

The Dugopolje Pršut maker Vlade Prančić from the "Smijeli" pršutana (Pršut producing business) won the Champion title in the category of certified smoked pršut. To Vlade, it is his second victory after winning the same category last year.

(photo: Slobodna Dalmacija)

According to Slobodna Dalmacija when askied Vlade about his secret in pršut making: " There is no secret ingredient, nor there is too much to think about. All of them who think too much have no pršut", says Vlade.

According to another producer, there are simple rules to follow when making a good pršut: "The most important thing is the age of the animal (must be a year old) and its weight (200-300 kg) and the breed needs to be Landrance or Yorkshire. Pršut need to get salted for two weeks and then smoked for 2 months. It will be at its finest after 2 years, best served with a glass of wine."

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