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Mayor Franković: 'We have to manage cruise ships so we can provide quality service'

By 9 September 2017

Mayor of Dubrovnik says the focus in tourism should be shifted from profit to service quality

Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković attended the Kinookus festival in Ston last night, commenting on the current issue of cruise ships, reports Lokalni on September 9, 2017.

After the screening of a documentary film titled 'Dubrovnik, Venice, Barcelona – Dream Destinations in Danger' (dir. Antja Christ), Franković said he recently travelled to Hamburg to meet with leaders of the world's largest cruise companies. He introduced them to the programme 'Respect the city', one that aims to set the maximum daily limit of visitors coming from cruise ships at four thousand.

"The main problem is that this particular branch of tourism is currently focused only on money, so it overlooks the citizens' needs. We need to manage tourists coming in on cruise ships, and decrease their number in order to be able to provide top-quality services to other visitors as well. I met with leaders of world-renowned cruise companies in Hamburg and presented out 'Respect the city' programme. They told me this was the first time that any mayor attempted to contact them", Franković said.

He also stated he thinks the construction of the new cruise ship terminal should be carried out by the company Luka Dubrovnik d.d., as the City is its majority owner. The main motive for tourism management would then be shifted from financial profit to improvement of the quality of life for people in Dubrovnik.

Franković said he disagrees with the statement of the former mayor Andro Vlahušić, who said the problem of crowds in Dubrovnik should be settled "by raising prices, just like in restaurants".

"Only someone who never worked in tourism could say something like that. The issue can only be resolved by making firm decisions that must be carried out with determination", commented Franković.

Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepšić said she believed there is a missing link in this whole situation: a coordination subject that would serve to connect the Port Authority and the cruise companies. She also announced some new additions to the system that records the number of visitors in the Old Town. "The counter will soon be connected to a forecast system, enabling us to prepare for larger crowds that always form in case of poor weather conditions in the summer", she said.


Translated from Lokalni.hr.