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HRK 700.000 Imposed in Fines by Port Authority Dubrovnik in 2017

By 22 August 2017

The action 'Safe Sailing 2017' imposed penalties for 146 offences committed in Croatian waters in a single day

The Port Authority Dubrovnik imposed fines for offences committed in maritime traffic or at maritime property in a total of HRK 700.450 so far this year, reported Slobodna Dalmacija on August 21, 2017.

During the action 'Safe sailing 2017' that took place on August 10, the Port Authority Dubrovnik imposed fines in the total amount of HRK 120.450 – almost half of all penalties imposed in this action that was organised on the state level. Around 90 officials from 8 port authorities and 72 branch offices participated in the action. The supervision at sea was carried out with 32 official vessels; a total of 350 inspections resulted in establishing 146 offences according to the Maritime Code. The offenders were penalised with a total of HRK 307.810.

During the action, inspection was carried out at 33 passenger ships and 261 boats and yachts (146 local and 115 foreign flags), as well as 24 yachts at wet berths. The Port Authority also supervises locations such as natural beaches, as mooring in such areas is prohibited by law.

The Port Authority also monitors the maritime property in Croatia, meaning they are responsible for supervision of beaches under concession, and carry out inspection of illegal construction on maritime property. In recent weeks, citizens have reported a substantial number of cases of maritime property getting privatised; concession holders increasingly occupy beach surfaces with lounge chairs and kayaks, depriving citizens of their legal right to use the areas for leisure.

The Port Authority carried out 517 inspections in the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County so far this year. During the summer season, 10 inspections of beaches under concession took place in the wider Dubrovnik area, but the number of legal orders to remove beach equipment from maritime property hasn't yet been disclosed.