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Afternoon on Lokrum Island: Restored Abbey and Monastery Open for Public

If you have no plans for Tuesday, June 20, here's an idea for a short eventful trip to Lokrum island: the presentation of the recently restored Benedictine abbey and monastery.

As the former abbey and monastery on Lokrum are considered to be one of the most significant medieval monuments in the wider Dubrovnik area, the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques (Društvo prijatelja dubrovačke starine) decided to finance archaeological research of the site a decade ago. After the long, exhaustive research project, the preserved parts of the church and the monastery underwent conservation treatment and will be officially presented to the public tomorrow evening, reports Glas Grada

On the basis of available historical sources, the front facade of the church has been reconstructed along with its main portal, as well as the adjacent church tower. The restoration works are part of a larger future project that will include reconstruction of the Romanesque part of the complex.


To mark the end of the first phase of this grand project, a ceremony will be held in the atrium of the Lokrum monastery at 6 PM. Dubrovnik architect Zvjezdana Tolja will present the visitors with an overview of the project from its initiation to the final part, followed by a lecture of Dr Dragan Damjanović from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.

Professor Damjanović will talk about the Archduke Maximilian I of Mexico, a member of the Habsburg dynasty who bought Lokrum Island in 1859. The archduke and his wife Charlota commissioned a renovation of the island, including the old monastery, gardens, and the port. Unfortunately, the archduke didn't live to see the end result of his ideas, but his interest in arts and architecture contributed to the island's reputation of a valuable cultural site. Tomorrow's event is marking the 150th anniversary of the archduke's death.

Transport from Dubrovnik to Lokrum is free for all interested visitors; the boat departs from Dubrovnik Port at 6 PM and returns after the end of the programme.


Image source: Javna ustanova Rezervat Lokrum