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What Makes for a Quality Cheeky Exploit?

Eight more naked butts have saluted Dubrovnik

In the age of short attention spans, most viral trends come and go so quickly, there's a good chance you might miss a joke of the moment if you spend a day offline. It will be replaced by another absurd trend the following day, and so it goes.

Well, it seems the tourist butt pics aren't going anywhere so soon, as it's been a month since the first photo of a group of people saluting Dubrovnik from Mount Srđ stark-naked was posted online. That was followed by a tourist baring her derriere at Stradun a couple of days later. Just as we thought the so-called cheeky exploits trend died down in Croatia, another photo popped up on Instagram, according to Dubrovački vjesnik.

In basically what's the same frame as the first cheeky exploit on Mount Srđ, eight tourists are posing with their backs turned to the camera, hands in the air, pants on the ground. Judging from what's presented, only two of them seem to have got an impressive tan so far.

Listen, I'm not the one to yap about disrespect as long as the concept is either original or funny, but this is neither. It's seriously overdone by now, doesn't bring anything new to the table, and to be honest – the first photo from Srđ could have actually passed as some form of bemusing contemporary art.Who are these people? Why are they saluting the city? Why are they naked? What's with that formation? The amusing title saying Liberté de la fesse supported the piece with a notion of a concept behind the image. 

This latest example, on the other hand, is just lazy. Anyone could drop their pants and take a photo, but what's the point of that? You're at one of the most beautiful locations in the world and are provided with the best background one could ask for – for God's sake, try to be a bit more original, okay? Copying another cheeky exploit won't get you anywhere. Make your cheeky exploit an authentic, unique cheeky exploit! Put some thought into it! Make us wonder, make us want to know more!

Or, jokes aside, pull your pants up and put the phone away. Nobody wants to see your ass.