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Conceptual Design for the New Lapad Market Uncovered Today

The Lapad area is getting a new community center in the near future

The conceptual design for the reconstruction of Lapad market in Dubrovnik was presented to the media and the public at a press conference earlier today, reports Glas grada on May 16th.

"It's going to be an urban market with a space able to transform depending on the time of day. In the afternoon hours and over the weekend, after the market stands are put away, diverse ambients can be created depending on the situation at hand. Our goal was to turn an under-visited location into an attractive urban space, as part of the ongoing process of revitalising Lapad", said director of the Sanitat company Vedran Kunica.

The new market will have six floors in total, two of them reserved for underground parking lots with 80 parking spaces. The market space will be located on the ground floor and will include areas for relaxation and leisure.

"We designed the first floor to house both the market stands and small shops selling flowers, fruit, spices, delicacies, hand-made goods, etc., but not any larger stores. There will also be shoemakers, watch repairers and other service providers whose shops are not yet grouped in one place at any other location in the city." said Kunica.

The first floor of the new market will house a library and a reading room, as well as community spaces for children and the elders where various workshops, lectures, games and similar activities can take place. Other two floors are reserved for the office spaces of various city services.

Once when the final design project is finished, the City will set out to obtain required permits and start the construction of the future community center of Lapad.