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Running Tour Instead of the Walking One? Why Not?

The summer temperatures have already arrived, but so have the traffic jams and the Old Town crowds. If you have limited time here and would like to see literally everything in Dubrovnik, there is a special group for all the adventure lovers. Instead of playing a tetris game while trying to walk in the Old Town, the Dubrovnik Running Tours group came up with a great way (well, great for some people, I guess that part is subjective), of experiencing the city in a completely different way. Yes, we are talking about running.

There are a few categories you can choose from when you decide to stop being a couch potato and grab your trainers:

City and nature

Local experience

Running Adventure

Learn history and culture

The programs are designed for beginners, experienced runners or people who occasionally run in an attempt to lead a healthy life (in between the pasta and ice cream, of course, priorities are everything).

You can select your ideal tour depending on your personal athletic abilities or level of sightseeing interest and run with experienced guides!
The tours include a running guide, bottled water, fresh orange juice and an on request transfer.
All you need to have is your running shoes, good (well, half-decent, at least) physical condition and an interest in the many sights you're going to take in as you zoom along.