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Cohesion, Unity & Planning at Croatian Digital Nomad Reflection Day 2022

By 31 January 2022

January 31, 2022 - The first Croatian digital nomad reflection day took place last week, as stakeholders from the public and private sector came together to reflect on the success of 2021 and share plans for 2022. 

When Croatia works, it really works beautifully. And there has been no better example of that than the nascent digital nomad sector which had a huge impact globally, as the Croatian nomad story went all over the world. The introduction of the digital nomad permit on January 1, 2021 was a global story, and award-winning events such as Zagreb Digital Nomad Wee and Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence helped but Croatia firmly on the map. So much so in fact that the extensive 2021 Nomad List survey had Croatia as the second most-liked country in the world for nomads after Japan, and Zagreb as the number 5 city.

Another nomad innovation coming out of Croatia is the world's first Digital Nomad Association, which is currently run by Michael Freer. Free invited all stakeholders to a digital nomad reflection day, where stakeholders from the public and private sector shared their results in 2021, as well as their plans for 2022. 

It was quite a day. 

Freer shared the minutes of the gathering, which can be found below in full. 

Dear all, 

Thanks for those that attended yesterday and sorry to those that couldn't make it due to other commitments.

Please find attached the presentation I used, however a lot of the key dialogue came from you all and therefore I would like to include some key notes below. 

2021 - a good year into DN, making it stand out and attract a lot of attention. The national community slowly came together but is still missing some key elements. Some local communities have woken up and started to join forces, and we hope when we hold this next year, each location can send 3 or 4 representatives, preferably in person somewhere and fully funded!


2022 local plans - a plethora of activity to happen everywhere, with a balance of consolidating what happened in 2021 and adding some new and interesting things. 

Zagreb and Dubrovnik will ensure consistency and add more, Dub especially with coliving and more coworking

Split hopes to be on a level with them in terms of promotion and will continue developing community and events.

Zadar has made some good relationships and will strengthen those as well as learn from the Digital Nomad Valley and makes a plan going forward.

Osijek has a lot ready to launch and excites many of us, they are working on some events, more coworking and possibly coliving

Rijeka, Istria, Bjelovar will make their first steps into more community activity and some promotion and need our support.


2022 national plans 

- NomadBase are coming to Croatia and we need to be ready to offer their members many reasons to stay here longer, Tanja is leading on this, and DNA will ensure our community gets heard and promoted to their members, so start thinking of city specific offers in April, June and onwards. 

- Health tourism is to be promoted more to act as both as a draw to Croatia and a reason to stay here

- Paul will launch Cromads with localised partners">

- DNA will work towards better pre-arrival info for DNs inc. a brochure, improved application form and one line of comms in partnership with MUP

- DNA will create an arrival welcome package for DNs with sponsored goods inside

- DNA will attend and wants to support anyone attending international conferences, funded through private sponsors

- DNA are developing a strategy that will see a bigger involvement of you in our activities and how we operate 

2022 national proposals

- To produce a Digital Nomad in Croatia promo video (see attached doc for more details and how we hope you can help)

- To replicate when possible good practise from cities, and create new synchronised events - starting with a meetup every month on a Wednesday for Digital Nomads in a bar in each city. Starting on the 16th in Split + Zagreb, and if any other cities want to join, contact me.

- To offer more connections of Nomads to local charities or humanitarian activities. We are already doing this in Split with the Split Tech City, Jedna Mladost, Azil and Studentski Poduzetnički Inkubator, if you'd like to replicate contact me.

- To have a Welcome to CITY envelope that will eventually be digitised. Dubrovnik will have a DN card soon, DNA is working on Split and Zagreb, if you'd like to join from your city contact me for support. Rijeka especially since you have something already!

- To run Nomadathon, a 7 day race around 7 destinations in Croatia in October time (will send over in two weeks with how we hope you can help)

That about wraps it up! Any questions let me know and we look forward to a great year ahead.


DNA Croatia

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