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Meet the Digital Nomad Week Speakers: Aline Dahmen, Nomad Soulmates

By 14 November 2021

November 14, 2021 - Less than a month until Digital Nomad Week, the virtual edition with 10,000 nomads expected to attend, and more than 100 speakers including TCN. Continuing our look at the keynote speakers, finding love on the road with Aline Dahmen of Nomad Soulmates.

Aline is the co-founder of Nomad Soulmates, the world's largest online community and dating platform for single Digital Nomads, remote workers, and location-independent professionals. She is clearly passionate about creating impact and change, helping nomads to find each other.

Many people have found meaningful connections, friendships and partners through their community, some are married and have little families traveling the world. She will be speaking about dating tips for digital nomads, their newest dating app and what you can do to attract, create and maintain meaningful connections that enrich your life.


1. You are a keynote speaker at Digital Nomad Week in December. Tell us a little about DNW, why you decided to get involved, and what you will be talking about?

Loneliness is the number one struggle most nomads encounter as they travel the globe, that’s why I  am excited and honored that my dear friend Olumide has asked me to speak at DNW to share our mission to bring traveling remote workers across the globe together for deeper, more meaningful connections. It is important to me that nomads everywhere know they are not alone on the road, they have a huge community that awaits them filled with like minds and spirits.  

2. How does DNW rate on the nomad conference/festival calendar in your opinion in terms of size/importance?

I have been looking forward to this conference ever since Olu shared with me his vision of connecting remote work thought leaders and advocates and their communities all over the world. It’s quite a buzz globally and one of the largest conferences yet this year of its kind. It’s very exciting. 


(Nomad Soulmates success story - Elena and her partner)

3. You run Nomad Soulmates, a growing community of more than 23,000 single nomads, remote workers and global citizens. Long-term relationships and the DN lifestyle must be quite a challenge, I would have thought. Or am I mistaken? 

You’ll find plenty of nomads that would agree with you. Sure, dating as a nomad comes with additional challenges that come from your choice of living a location-independent lifestyle. It’s not for everyone. But, there is another side of these ‘challenges’ that most people are quick to look past. I’m excited to dive deeper into this at DNW. 

What’s important is learning how to turn these ‘challenges’ into connections. You’re not going to be a match for everyone, but that’s going to be the same regardless if you're traveling the world or not. Long-term relationships are 100% possible, and we celebrate with members in our community all the time when they share that they've met their special someone. 


(Nomad Soulmates success story - Sara and partner)

4. How does Nomad Soulmates differ from other dating services, and what kind of success have you had? 

We believe that our core strength lies in bringing people together for deep meaningful long-term connections whether they are romantic relationships or friendships. We do this by focusing on the quality of the relationships built vs quantity.

Nomad Soulmates was born out of my conversations with nomadic friends, who were frustrated with short-term flings and nothing really serious. So I set out to build a community for people who have the desire for real, meaningful relationships. Years later, with the help of my co-founders Sebastien, Kimberly and our community, Nomad Soulmates is going strong with a community of over 23,000 members, a thriving Facebook group, an online dating site, and we can’t wait to launch our dating and community app. 

Through our community and the online and offline events we host, members have met their close friends they now travel with, their spouse, and even have started families. 

5. The pandemic put an increased focus on the potential of remote work, but the trend has been building for some time. Where do you think all this will be in 5 years?

I believe that the trend will continue to grow. I have always believed in remote work and how it empowers individuals to live a life on their own terms. We can already see the majority of people valuing the time and freedom of choice they’ve gained through the past year. As the world starts to open up and 5 years from now as we look back I think we will see more and more of these remote workers who’ve found freedom, choosing to live a lifestyle that includes a lot more global exploring while working remotely. With that, we will see more remote families and those looking for love. 


(Nomad Soulmates success story - Sebastien and Claudia)

6. What would make Croatia an attractive destination for you to visit one day?

I haven't been to Croatia yet, but I'm keen to go! An absolute must that I look for when I travel is a strong, stable Wifi signal, may it be in cute coffee shops, at coworking spaces, or at home so I can work. Also, a warm, welcoming local and nomadic community is important to me. I'm all about exploring new cultures, food, building friendships, outdoor activities and enjoying sports. I know Croatia has a lot to offer, so I'm looking forward to visiting.  

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