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Digital Nomad Ambassador Veronica Mulhall: 7 Things that Surprised Me in Zagreb

By 29 August 2021

August 29, 2021 - There were plenty of pleasant Zagreb surprises for Veronica Mulhall during the stay in the Croatian capital as the first Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador in July. Her top 7. 

Before becoming a Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador, I had researched to get a good idea of what my time in Croatia’s capital would be like, and yet when I arrived in Zagreb were still so many things that surprised me during my stay.

Zagreb is the type of city where it is helpful to have someone on the ground to give you the insider details you might not find on Google. I took the time to consolidate the top seven things for you that make Zagreb even more of a desirable place for a digital nomad to call home.

1. Dogs (and Cats) Rule Zagreb
People in Zagreb love their pets. I mean LOVE their pets. You can find countless cafes and bars that are dog-friendly and dogs are allowed at events, concerts, and festivals. There are even shops with dog-specific skincare products and doggie-vino. If you have ever thought, I want to travel but I can’t think to leave my fur-baby, worry no more, Zagreb is waiting for you.

2. Fantastic Wine Found
Whether you are going to a local bar, a friend’s wine cellar, or a wine vineyard within city limits, Zagreb surely delivers on high-quality wine offered at multiple price points in and around the city. Don’t bother with imported. The local wines have dramatically gone up in quality with this generation of Croatian winemakers and even the most discerning wine connoisseur will find bottles that make their pallet happy.

3. Everyone Speaks English
Croatia has been expanding its tourism advertising to Western countries over the last few years and Zagreb is well-prepared for English-speaking visitors. Not only do many people speak English fluently, but also many of the restaurant menus, movie theaters, and museums have English translations as well. 

4. Booming Art Scene
Zagreb dates back almost 1000 years and its art scene isn’t far behind. Even now, it seems to be going through its own mini-renaissance of street art, theater, music, art festivals, pop-ups and I even found salsa dance socials. Don’t miss the museums. Zagreb is known for its museums, including the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, and the Croatian Museum of Naive Art.

5. Stunning Architecture
While Zagreb is still restoring and rebuilding post the 2020 earthquake, many stunning buildings remain. By simply exploring the city center, you can find architecture from multiple periods of the city’s history including Neo-Baroque, Art Nouveau, modernist minimalism, brutalism, and more. 

6. Modern Fashion Meets 80s Throwbacks
While you don’t need to travel with a suitcase of formal attire, Zagreb locals know how to get dressed up for a night on the town. Don’t be surprised to see women wearing runway fashion down the street and, surprise, the 80s are in. Often people will mix and match with new styles and 80s vintage - bright colors, puff sleeves, you will see it all.

7. Parks and Green Spaces
Walk in any direction around Zagreb and you will hit a park in a matter of blocks. Walk north and you will find endless trails into the mountains. Streets are lined with old-growth trees and people’s patio gardens overflow off balconies. All the green almost makes you forget you are in a city; it is perfect.

If this all hasn’t already made you wonder why you are waiting to book your ticket and work as a digital nomad in Zagreb, the city is widely known for hospitality, spotless internet, and budget-friendly living. Looking forward to seeing you in the Zagreb digital nomad community sometime soon!

Veronica Mulhall is a strategic marketer on a mission to connect people. When Veronica is not traveling and leading marketing and communications projects, she is a salsa dancing foodie on the hunt for the world’s undiscovered cultural adventures.

Veronica was the Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador July 2021. You can connect with her via her website

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