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Korčula island

Korčula island was known as the island Black Korcula to the ancient Greeks, a description coming from its dense forest. The second most populous Adriatic island after Krk, is also called “Little Dubrovnik” because of its Old Town famed for its defensive towers, medieval squares, churches, palaces and red-roofed houses. Legend has it that the island was founded by Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC. In addition, the famous world-traveler, writer and merchant Marco Polo is believed to have been born in Korčula where his supposed house is converted into a Museum of Marco Polo.

A famous traditional sword dance Moreška is famous folk drama that involves two group of dancers, Moors and Christians (later changed to Moors versus Turks), who battle over the veiled young woman.

Korčula is fairly easily accessible from the Croatian mainland by various ferries from Dubrovnik, Peljesac peninsula and Split