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By Popular Demand in Pitve: Klapa Samoana at Dvor Dubokovic Tonight

By 18 July 2019

July 18, 2019 - After their fantastic performance of top of the island at Hvarcienda, Samoan singing sensations will perform in Pitve tonight at Dvor Dubokovic.

What happens when you have a friend on Hvar who was born in New Zealand, has his own restaurants, and then hears that the world's only Samoan Dalmatian klapa group performed on Hvar, and your friend missed it?

Get them to perform again, of course!

Quick post, as I just got word from Professor Frank John Dubokovich, Guardian of the Hvar Dialects, that his Dvor Dubokovic restaurant in Pitve will host Klapa Samoana this evening, with the concert starting at 20:00. 


There are shots taken from the unforgettable night at Hvarcienda, which you can read about in more detail here

I really enjoyed meeting the boys from Samoa, and I was really impressed by their efforts to learn Croatian culture and language, but have they gone a step too far this time?

Who knows how the evening will progress, with The Professor internationally famous for his outstanding Hvar dialect language lessons. Here he is, demonstrating how to speak Croatian using only vowels. Klapa Samoana, are you ready for the challenge?

You can contact Dvor Dubokovic via Facebook.