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Hvar Art House Seeks Live-In Couple to Work This Summer

By 11 April 2019

I don't normally do job adverts on TCN, but this is for a  friend of mine, and it is a pretty cool project in Hvar Town, which might just appeal to someone.

So if you fancy the idea of a summer in Hvar Town with free accommodation, working in the very laid-back, and extremely funky Hvar Art House, then read on.

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Hvar Art House

We have 4 apartments in one building that we rent out to tourists.

We’re looking for someone to manage, and clean the apartments for the full season.  The person would be responsible for all elements which would include the following main areas

• Dealing with requests  from guests, both before and during their stay

• Collecting their passport information, and registering them with the tourism office

• Cleaning the communal areas on a daily basis• Preparing the apartments before the guest arrives

• Meeting the guest when they arrive, and showing them the apartment

• Dealing with any problems the guest may have

• Ensuring the bins are put out and are collected

• Tidying the garden area on a daily basis

• Cleaning the apartment after the guests leave

• Arranging for the laundry of all the bed sheets

• Checking the apartments have not been damaged by the guest, and ensuring they have all the kitchen equipment they are supposed to have

• Ensuring the guests give back their keys at the end of their stay, and keeping a record of all the keys for the building.

We have a schedule of when the guests are arriving, and continue to get more bookings.  We have our first booking on the 9th of May, then there are long gaps until the middle of June, after which time we have guests all the time until the middle of September, when it slows down.

Most of the time there is work for one person full time, but on days where one set of guests are leaving, and another are arriving, we may need two people to prepare the apartments ontime.

There will be some days where no guests are arriving or leaving, so the workload will be very low, but on other days, when there are a lot of changes, there will be a great deal of work.

For any repairs that are needed, we have a maintenance man who can do it, and for any late night noise, there is also a security man who will come around to check on the apartments.

For all the work above, we have a budget of up to €1500 euro per month to get everything done.

Accommodation in a self-contained apartment in the attic of the building is included. 

Younger couple preferred - excellent English a must. 

Timeline - Mid-May until the end of September (exact date depends on bookings). 

If you would like to apply, contact Hvar Art House via their Facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.