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Tuskanac Cinema to Host Contemporary German Films

By 15 January 2018

The Zagreb-based Tuskanac Cinema, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute, will show several recent award-winning German films in the next two weeks.

The programme will kick off with the screening of "The People vs. Fritz Bauer" (Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer), a feature film directed by Lars Kraume.

During this programme, a film titled "Father" (Babai) directed by Visar Morina and produced by Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia and France will also be shown.

Other films that will be screened in Tuskanac are "Happy End" by Michael Haneke, "Who Am I: No System Is Safe" (Who am I – Kein System ist sicher,) directed by Baran bo Odar, and "Tour de Force Hin und veg" by Christian Zuebert. as well as "4 Kings" (4 Koenige) by Theresa von Eltz.

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