Saturday, 14 May 2016

Restaurants in Split: Movi, You Gotta Try It

A fairly new member to Split’s culinary scene is Movi, opening its doors back in June of 2013. Nestled between Firule and Zenta on Put Firula 47, Movi specializes in building a unique creative style of modern Mediterranean cuisine at affordable prices. Their menu ranges from pizza to homemade pasta, mixed meat dishes and an extensive list of appetizers. They have a seasonal wine list and serve local beers.The cooks are exposed in an open kitchen so as to constantly be interacting with patrons of the restaurant, adding to the contemporary culinary experience Movi exudes. Movi is a combination of ideas, cultures, and techniques, bringing you gastronomic pleasure. We hope you aren’t reading this hungry, it only gets better from here!

For starters Movi offers a sizeable selection, ranging from octopus salad, beef or monkfish carpaccio, bruschetta and spicy chicken liver or tuna pate. We were lucky enough to try the tuna pate and it was out of this world. Not to mention the generous portion size! The tuna pate was served alongside pizza bread and soft butter and it was surely enough for 2-3 people. We also tried their farmer’s salad, which is a mixture of greens, seasonal vegetables, feta cheese and bacon, and it was dressed to perfection. One of the best salads in Split!

Next we tried their Domestic pljukanci (Istrian noodles) with shrimps, marinated tomatoes, zucchini and fresh basil. This dish was a real winner and definite favorite amongst Movi guests. Another admirable portion size, this can definitely be shared (and should be because everyone will want to get a taste).

Another wonderful thing about Movi: the pizza. Movi’s pizza is baked in a woodfired oven and is similar to Napoletana style pizza. We ordered simply with a Margherita and this was nothing but simple - it melts in your mouth! The other delightful feature? Movi offers a plethora of oils for your pizza, ranging from chili, garlic, and rosemary and we have to admit they were the perfect addition to an already stellar pizza.

Movi also offers first class fish, grilled squid and scampi, and a lengthy list of meat options. Their pomfrit are also fried to perfection (we had to sneak in an order).

All in all, Movi has created an animated environment complete with jovial staff, high quality food and happy bellies. We highly recommend Movi for your next meal, and be sure to pre-book in the summer as it gets busy!

Learn more on the official Movi website.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

How Split Satisfies Its Drunk Munchies

One thing you’ll almost always see running around the streets of Split after midnight on a weekend, or any given night in the summer, is a lot of cheerfully happy young adults. Maybe it’s the half liters of Karlovacko, or maybe the 10 different kinds of rakija shots, but they all seem to consume mass absorbents after a session of drinking. Split is no stranger to fast food places, and there are more options than we’d like to admit, but there is one place that stands tall amongst the others, and that is Kebab House.

Having lived in London for a bit, I understand the importance of a good kebab to soak up the alcohol. In Croatia, I always figured a topli sendvič or a ćevapćići would do, but the swarms of kids I see heading to Kebab House after a night out has proved me wrong, and I am beginning to believe that Kebab House has made its mark as the drunk munchies staple of Split.

The storefront is barely big enough for more than 10 people to stand in total, and that’s packed like a can of sardines. The service is friendly as ever, oftentimes laughing at kebab goers who have maybe had one too many and can’t figure out what to put on their kebab. The menu is simple: the kebab will cost you 23 kuna and you can choose to have it in either a bun or tortilla. The toppings are where you can get creative, and you can choose anything from corn to pickles, onions to cabbage, and lettuce to feta. The sauces are where it gets interesting, and every time I have been in there they have recommended a garlic sauce that is then made spicy (as hot as you’d like) with a Sriracha and/or chili flakes. For only 23 kuna you have a meal and a half, and a pretty good one to satiate those hunger feelings.

Kebab House also offers burgers, fries, and some pizzas, as well as a refrigerator stocked with karlovačko and sodas (in case you’re feeling ready to drink again). As Kebab House has really grown with the younger audience over the last few years, it has also become a meeting place for fellow hungry party goers. You’ll oftentimes find yourself sharing a kebab with a complete stranger from another country, and I guarantee you they’ll be your new best friend. Who knew that kebabs would bring the young people of Split together?

Find your dream kebab at Na Tupini 1 and follow them on Facebook

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

New from Zinfandel: After Work Party Every Thursday: Starts Tomorrow!

Frustrating day at work? Looking for some good company, music and a glass of wine to cope with the stress?

Another great introduction to the Split social scene from the team at Zinfandel starts tomorrow night, with the first of a regular Thurday night feature - the After Work party.

Simply turn up straight from the office any time after 17:00 into a relaxing world of good company, great wine and live acoustic music. 

Not so much a Happy Hour as a Happy Wine Hour starts with the music at 17:00, with two for the price of one glasses of wine until 18:00, a perfect way to remove the work blues. And with 20% off the traditional Zinfandel cheese, charcuterie and 3-tier plates all evening, just one more reason to make a night of it.

Follow the Zinfandel winter on Facebook.

After work party u Zinfandel food & wine baru, svaki četvrtak od 17 h!

Opustite se nakon posla i u dobrom društvu u živajte u glazbi uživo, dobroj spizi i još boljim vinima!

Ovaj četvrtak, 5.11., za vas, već dogovoreno:

* acoustic live music od 17h
* wine hour 17h-18h (dobiješ 2, a platiš samo 1 čašu vina)
* 20% niže cijene svih Zinfandel plata i to cijelu večer 

(Plata dalmatinskih sireva, Plata 'charcuterie', Plata na 3 kata ( sirevi, charcuterie, mišanca domaćih salata i ručno rađeni agnolotti u umaku od kozica i brusnica...njam :) ))

Sve što trebate je - doći.

Zinfandel. Food, wine & music.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Magical Stina Wines Combine with Brasserie on 7 for 5-Course Special

The summer may be over and most of the best gourmet evenings of the year behind us, but there are still some gems to be had before Split launches itself into another Advent in Split early next month. 

Of all the wineries I have visited in Dalmatia, one of the stand-out performers, both in terms of style and quality, has been Stina from Brac. Located in a majestic huge stone house on the Bol waterfront, home to the oldest wine association in Dalmatia, dating back to 1903, passers-by would be forgiven for thinking there was nothing going on inside, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Traditional old Dalmatian stone building on the outside, very snazzy and modern upcoming winery on the inside, and the stylish interior and presentation of the Stina brand takes most visitors by surprise. And that is before they come across the award-winning labels, one of the cleverist I have seen. Check out the video below - art at work. 

And what does all this have to do with Split, I hear you cry? Stina wines have teamed up with the fabulous ladies from Brasserie on 7 to offer a five-course special with Stina wine pairings, for 230 kuna a person. This Friday, 20:00. If you thought the winter nights were going to be long and boring, have a look around - there are still some great nights to be had. This will be one of them. To reserve, call 021/278 233 or mob. 095 542 0289, or contact B7 on Facebook


Napoleon od granny smith jabuke, sirove korabe i hobotnice & zimska salata
Servirano sa čašom Vugave 2014 g.
Ravioli punjeni „duxellom“ od gljiva u umaku od vrganja i kozica
Servirano sa čašom Pošipa 2014 g.
Frenched rack od odojka, coulis od komorača i krumpir „pave“ sfere od kukuruza & jus
Servirano sa čašom Plavac mali Barrique 2011 g.
Teleći obrazi kuhani u moštu sa pireom od celera, luk u tempuri & crni tartuf
Servirano sa čašom Plavac mali Barrique Majstor 2011 g.
Čokolada i chilli
Servirano sa čašom Prošeka 2011 g.

CIJENA MENU-a: 230,00 HRK po osobi.

REZERVACIJE primamo na: tel: 021/278 233 ili mob. 095 542 0289

Vidimo se!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods Promote Villa Spiza

You don't often get promotion as good as this...

As previously reported, Bizarre Foods and Andrew Zimmern were filming in Dalmatia earlier this year, with culinary experts Secret Dalmatia arranging some visits to some of the region's more interesting eateries, including Villa Spiza. It would appear that Andrew rather enjoyed his visit, and his post on his website about the popular Split restaurant has already garnered 1000 Facebook likes in just three days. Check out the page and rest of his site here. Here is what he had to say:

Located on Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatian coast in the ancient city of Split, Villa Spiza is one of my favorite restaurants in the entire world. With wooden beams and exposed stone walls, it’s a cozy pint-size neighborhood taverna within the palace walls that holds only a handful of guests at a time. Almost every ingredient used to prepare the daily changing menu is collected that morning from the sea and hills outside of town. Foraged wild purple asparagus is prepared with shrimp, local olive oil, white wine, homemade shrimp stock and pasta. Chef Ivana Gamulin poaches fresh calves’ brains then deep fries them for a mild, delicate and delicious dish. On any given day you might find squid ink risotto, schnitzel, sweetbreads, grilled anchovies, or calamari on the chalkboard menu—and it’ll all be affordable, fresh and deeply rooted to the surrounding land and sea. From the impeccable ingredients and perfectly prepared food to the friendly atmosphere and the vinyl soundtrack, do not miss this restaurant while visiting Split.

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