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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Feast of Saint Martin Celebrated in Korčula Again this November

The feast of Saint Martin of Tours, patron saint of beggars, wool-weavers and tailors, geese, vintners and innkeepers, and France. It is celebrated throughout Central Europe on November 11th, which is said to have been the day of the saint's funeral.  The celebrations of the feast of Saint Martin are especially rooted in the tradition of the Northern part of Croatia, where in Međimurje and Slavonija on this day the conversion of the must into wine is celebrated - by drinking, of course, a lot of wine. In Croatian language, the festivities are called Martinje. Nowhere else in Dalmatia is it…
Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Ivana Pačić Unković from Lešić Dimitri to Present at Best Stay 2018

Once more, Best Stay 2018 Conference, one of the top conferences for tourism professionals from all over Europe takes place in Dubrovnik, on November 8 and 9. The venue hosting this event aimed at exchanging experiences, sharing ideas and meeting new business partners will be held in Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik hotel, with the third-day additional networking workshop planned off-site. Over 70 speakers and panelists working in various aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry will contribute to the discussions, including general managers of major hotels in Croatia, United Kingdom and other countries, marketing managers, business consultants, HR managers etc.  Among the superstars presenting at…
Monday, 29 October 2018

Korčula Island Cut Off from the Mainland because of "Jugo"

A strong jugo wind like this one doesn't happen often (luckily), so when it does it's worth mentioning.  Sometimes you really gotta trust the weather forecast, no matter how many times before you were angry with them for having missed this or that weather event. These days we see one of those occasions taking place.  Korčula island is quite close to the mainland, and it rarely happens that none of the boat, ferry of catamaran islands connecting it to Pelješac or Split are operational. But, a strong "jugo" wind that we've been experiencing in the last couple of days has…
Sunday, 28 October 2018

Croatian Island Product Label Holders Announced

Some of the newly announced Croatian Island Product label holders are, of course, coming from the island of Korčula, from Lumbarda, Korčula town, Žrnovo, Blato and Vela Luka.    The label has been present since 2007, with the idea to allow the promotion of the products created on the Croatian islands. More than 300 producers of the authentic products from 24 Croatian islands are currently allowed to put the label on more than a thousand products. Even before 2018, many producers from Korčula were on the prestigious list, some ever since the beginning of this promotion, such as Cukarin, but…
Saturday, 27 October 2018

Korcula in Top 10 Things of Interest in Croatia for Americans: New Survey

More confirmation in the growing interest in the island of Korcula as a popular destination in Croatia on October 25, 2018.  It has been another good year for tourism on the island of Korcula. The birthplace of Marko Polo is slowly cementing its reputation as a destination of high-quality tourism, playing to its strengths of history, tradition, nature, adventure tourism, and food and wine. Korcula won the prestigious Vecernji LIst Tourism Patrol award this year, as the best destination in Croatia, and it seems that interest in the idyllic Dalmatian island is reaching all parts of the globe.   A new…
Friday, 26 October 2018

New Pharmacy to Open in Korčula Town Next Week

On Monday, 29th of October, Korčula Pharmacy will open their new pharmacy store.   The newly opened location for the pharmacy will be within the Tommy Shopping centre, which has become a central point for just about all shopping needs for people of Korčula and their visitors, just above the city centre.  As is customary with the openings, there will be a bit of a celebration on the opening day in the new pharmacy, there will be gifts and various samples given to first visitors and quite a lot of popular cosmetics products will be discounted 20% (one can really…
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