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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Ciborium Returned to Korčula Cathedral after Restoration

After four years of renovation, the ciborium sculpted by Marko Andrijić has been returned to St. Mark's cathedral in Korčula.  One of the greatest Renaissance masterpieces in Dalmatia has been removed from the cathedral four years ago, and it spent the last four years in Split, where it went through the restoration worth almost a million kunas. The multi-storied altar covering, standing on four slim pillars, is made using the stone exclusively from Vrnik, and master Andrijić made it in the late 15th century - before the ciboriums of Trogir and many others in Italy.  Six centuries later, the pastor…
Sunday, 13 October 2019

EM Bioglobes to be Thrown into the Sea at Korčula by Schoolchildren

This Monday, October 14th at 11 am the first EM Bioglobes throwing will be organized in Korčula. The EM Bioglobes are an innovative product, which contains the "good bacteria" and other substances. When they get deposited at the sea bottom, the bacteria from them can clean around 1 square meter of the bottom. The EM Bioglobes are based on the innovative Effective Microorganism technology, developed in the eighties by the Japanese professor Teruo Higa, used in various settings to improve growth and yield of selected plants, but that have recently been used to improve the status of the seabottom. In…
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

St. Theodore's Celebration and Procession in Korčula

For centuries, the town of Korčula has celebrated the feast day of St. Theodore, the co-patron saint of the town (the other patron saint is St. Mark, and the Korčula cathedral is dedicated to him) on July 29th. It's the biggest celebration of the town in the year, and yesterday Korčula had the chance to welcome the Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković in the morning, and in the evening the traditional procession for Sv. Todor (which is what St. Theodore's is called in Korčula) was held. At midday, the celebratory ringing of the bells on top of the cathedral took…
Saturday, 13 April 2019

Spring 2019 on Korčula Full of Religious, Sports and Food Events

The main event of spring 2019 on Korčula will probably be the food and wine festival Korčulanske pjatance, and TCN has written about the appeal of the festival. But, this year late April and May will be filled with various interesting events on Korčula, inviting you to visit the island before the craziness of the high tourist season starts and enjoy the island and the town of Korčula in all its glory. One of the traditions observed in Korčula for centuries is the celebration of the Holy Week, or as the people of Korčula call it "Vela setemana" (obviously, a…
Thursday, 4 April 2019

Korčula's Bus Station Concrete Structure Removed

As we previously reported, there are major plans for what is supposed to happen to the area around Korčula's bus station, which is also a main entrance to the Korčula town for all those arriving by car, in the next year or two.  The first change, which we announced would happen very soon, has already been completed. As we've reported a couple of weeks ago, the removal of the (some would say quite ugly) concrete structure that has been hovering above the bus station was going to happen. And, what can we say, it has happened! The officials in Korčula…
Thursday, 21 March 2019

Concrete Structure at Korčula Bus Station to be Removed

The preparations for the removal of the (some would say ugly, not sure how many those who wouldn't call it there are at all) concrete structure above the Korčula bus station, in the centre of the town, have started, and it is expected that the removal should be completed by Easter. The current appearance of the Korčula bus station is set to change drastically, and is a part of a larger project that includes a private company owning the bus station itself, the town of Korčula and the Korčula ACI marina (which is right next to the bus station). ACI…
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