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Hvar in Top 10 Things of Interest in Croatia for Americans: New Survey

By 27 October 2018

More confirmation in the growing interest in the island of Hvar as a popular destination in Croatia on October 25, 2018. 

It has been another good year for tourism on the island of Hvar. The birthplace of organised tourism in Europe is slowly cementing its reputation as a destination of high-quality tourism, playing to its strengths of history, tradition, nature, adventure tourism, and food and wine, and this week's Days of Croatian Tourism showcased the magic of Hvar at the end of October. Read more about that experience here


A new detailed survey on American tourism interest in Croatia was presented this week at Days of Croatian Tourism on Hvar by Al Merschen of Myriad Marketing, a fascinating overview of the potential of the American tourism market for Croatia. The top then areas of interest included destinations and activities, with the Dalmatian coast at number one, followed by Dubrovnik City Walls, National Parks, the Blue Cave, wineries and vineyards, art museums, Game of Thrones sites, Hvar Island, Korcula Island, Zagreb Christmas, and olive oil factories. 

The survey was conducted among Americans with a household income in excess of $100,000 a year and those who had been on a foreign holiday further than Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean in the last 12 months. The results provided some very positive feedback about the level of interest in Croatia among Americans looking to travel abroad. 


And in even better news for Hvar, the areas of interest for active travellers are almost a perfect fit for the island's tourism offer - walking tours, shopping, food tours, wine tastings, kayaking, sailing, wellness and cycling. 

You can read a more comprehensive overview of the presentation of American tourism interest at the Arsenal in Hvar Town in a TCN article on trends in American interest in Croatia


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